"Putting You Down" as written by and Christopher John Cheney....
So you left the home you never had
On your own how could things get so bad?
And you hitched a ride to the unknown
Forgot your address and your mobile phone

Would they all remember me?
And forget about their needs?

There's nobody putting you down
Just spending your life hangin' around
There's nobody putting you down
But you're draggin' your life on the ground

And you said some things you didn't mean
A lot of what you thought
Wasn't half that it seemed
So you hitched a ride to the unknown
Forgot your address and your mobile phone

As you get older
The chip on your shoulder
Spreading like a disease

Spendin' your life
Hangin' around
There's nobody putting you down

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"Putting You Down" as written by Christopher John Cheney

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    General CommentDammit, no comments... Where are you TLE fans!?! Hello? Well, this song is pretty self explanitory, yet the riffs are awesome and it continues to have a great message to it. I think it's about a kid, leaving his home, family and whatnot, maybe it's for attention wise, considering the line 'would they all remember me, forger about their needs?' like he thinks no one cares about him or something, so his getting away from all of it. He said some harsh things, said some things 'he didn't mean' which may also be a reason for why he is leaving. That's my two cents, quick but... yeah... you gotta hear this song people! It rocks!
    CoinXOperatedXGirlon March 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti agree with ya coinxoperatedxgirl. this is very un-tle like, but i still love it!!! i reckon its about a guy who leaves home"so you left the home you never had", where he probably didn't belong. he is just leaving his life behind him "and you hitched a ride into the unknown, forgot your adress and your mobile phone"
    then he asks himself if anyone back home would worry about him going and remember him. the chorus "theres nobody putting you down, just spending your life hanging around, theres nobody putting you down, But you're draggin' your life on the ground" is about how he is free from others pressuring him to down things, but as a consequence, he doesn't do anything, not really doing anything for himself.
    then the beginning of the secong verse is probably about a fight he had with his family, and him looking back on his old life a seeing it wasn't that bad. i'm a bit confused by the chip on your shoulder bit, but i think that his leaving home affects him, and it just keeps getting worse. but then again, there is no one putting him down.

    thats my take on it. i LOVE this song. it is one of those songs that make me smile when i listen to it, even though it isn't about something particularly happy.

    oXmini_weaselXoon October 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is definately one of my top ten Living End songs :)
    When I listen to it, I always think of it as a girl who's leaving home. I don't know why though.

    Normally, when stuff hits the fan and it gets all bad, we tend to try and run away from the problems, instead of coming forward and facing it.

    This is a really good song to listen to when you've had one of those 'bad days', where you thingk that everyone's going against you and stuff...either that or Elvis hahaha

    agiuskon January 09, 2009   Link

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