"Black Plastic" as written by and Daniel Hunt....
Someone's coming round in the evening
One touch on the face of a city.
Boy/black plastic chair with some time to spare

Black plastic, touching black plastic

Someone's coming round in the evening
One touch on the face of a city.
Boy/black plastic chair with some time to spare

Black plastic, touching black plastic

One touch on the face of a city
Boy/black plastic chair with some time to
Drawing on face of a girl who's sleeping
Black plastic chair, reaching out, making one touch

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"Black Plastic" as written by Daniel Hunt

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    General CommentThis is a song about the bondage and latex fetish scene, or rather, a rather boring night on the town.
    People with such discreet fetishes as latex and bondage recognize one another easily, and feel a special, secret connection.
    The boy described is touching the girl's face at the end of the song, which is a compassionate gesture. It's a slow, dull night on the town, and people often forget fetishists have those, too XD! The boy is so bored he draws on the girl's face (they must know each other fairly well.)
    The song's beat is also edgy, and in a way sounds like the addictive squeak of latex. But its smug lyrics remind us that fetishists have boring nights, too. Fetishists are people too. Classic ladytron topic ^^!
    Erm, that is all.
    CHOW! And don't touch the sushi.

    roxusanon October 02, 2005   Link
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    General CommentLOL@Roxanne

    The song might be referencing latex; however, your interpretation is typical of most on this site - a blend of objectivity and bias.

    Your assertion that "people with discreet fetishes recognize one another easily, and feel a special, secret connection" is not only laughably absurd, but also bears no relevance to the lyrics whatsoever. This sounds more like a personal fantasy - one that does not exist.

    How are the lyrics "smug?" I'm having a hard time figuring out why you used that word, other than for show (which I believe was probably the case).

    And to conclude my nitpicking of the irrelevant stuff, you seem to believe it's some kind of revelation that fetishists have "boring nights." It isn't. To anyone. Additionally, there's not a single indication in the song that the subject is experiencing a boring night, other than the phrase, "with some time to spare."

    Of course, there's also no clear-cut indication the song is about latex, either. The only evidence to support this theory is the incomplete phrase "black plastic" taken from "black plastic chairs," as well as the culture surrounding Ladytron, which I'm sure influenced your opinion.

    Despite the fact that the song may nevertheless be about latex, the amount of frivolous detail layering your interpretation, which was founded to begin with on a debatable theme, leads me to conclude that this is just another example of a person projecting their own personal life into a supposed song meaning and representing it here as objective.

    In the future, please don't.

    Erm, that is all.
    comebackkurdton January 09, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSo, I'm pretty sure this website is called songmeanings, for a reason. Obviously, part of it is to debate what you think the song is about, but you left a certain part of that out: the song meaning. And all you did was rant and rave. And it completely makes sense to think this song might be about bondage.

    Black plastic could refer to pleather, which is quite popular amongst bondage enthusiasts, and both partners in the situation wear it. Therefore, black plastic touching black plastic.

    And boy/black plastic chair could represent his being bonded to a chair
    and "with time to spare" because they always take so damn long to get what they want from the dominatrix.
    jonestown_teaon January 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAgain, "black plastic" is taken from the complete phrase "black plastic chairs."

    You are both claiming this song has to do with bondage because it includes this one phrase, which isn't even complete. You are both taking it out of context.

    And since this is all you have, you both back it up with really farfetched connections, like linking "with time to spare" to waiting to get what's wanted from a dominatrix. This kind of observation wouldn't even fly in a middle school English paper.

    You have a problem with my critique, and I have a problem with poorly written arguments.
    comebackkurdton March 06, 2008   Link
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    General Commentcomebackkurdt, i could respect your critique if you were not completely wrong...
    yes the complete phrase is "black plastic chairs" but what did not include is that throughout practically the whole song the words "black plastic" are being repeated. You might want to actually listen to the song before you waste time commenting.
    dustybreezeon July 25, 2008   Link
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    General Commentidk about the lyrics, but the feel of the song is like.. waiting. also maybe fashion/trends.
    DJgifon August 27, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI see this song as a reference to society's addiction to fashionable material objects / things that have no feelings attached - possibly as an alternative to not being loved or as a way to gain the excitement from what was previously explored. Quite possibly there was a romantic connection between two individuals, but because those feelings were drained, the fervor was cast through the touch of a city (which displays a sense of urgency) and also the black plastic chair (which seems to have some symbolism to it - the classiness of modern to futuristic embellishments). 'Black plastic, touching black plastic,' to me, is about how material fanatics are parasitic to one another, and with 'time to spare' there is an exploration period which individuals are drawn to in order to come to terms of both the spiritual and physical worlds - ex - the environment. (as a replacement for lost love etc)
    indigosunon June 10, 2013   Link

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