"Peacekeeper" as written by and Lindsey Buckingham....
We make all of our suns the same
Every one will suffer the fire we've made
They all explode just the same
And there's no going back on the plans we've made

Peacekeeper take your time
Wait for the dark of night
Soon all the suns will rise
Peacekeeper don't tell why
Don't be afraid to fight
Love is the sweet surprise

Only creatures who are on their way
Ever poison their own well
But we still have time to hate
And there's still something we can sell


When the night is cold and still
When you thought you'd had your fill
Take all the time you will
This is not a test, it's not a drill
Take no prisoners, only kill

You know all of our friends are gods
And they all tell us how to paint our face
But there's only one brush we need
It's the one that never leaves a trace

When the night is cold and still
When you thought you'd had your fill
This is not a test, it's not a drill
Take no prisoners, only kill

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"Peacekeeper" as written by Lindsey Buckingham

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    General CommentI’m surprised no one has seen the obvious, either at the time the song was released, or since. When Buckingham wrote this (2000), the “Peacekeeper” nuclear missile program created by Reagan and hated by Clinton was scheduled to be scrapped. When the song was released three years later, President Bush had finished gutting the project. The song is a homily; an attempt to comfort the poor, unused missile; ergo…

    “We make all of our sons the same”
    (The progeny of all nations are equally vulnerable,)
    “Every one will suffer the fire we've made”
    (Each and every individual will die,)
    “They all explode just the same”
    (Regardless of which side the combatants are on,)
    “And there's no going back on the plans we've made”
    (There is no way to recall a missile once launched.)

    “Peacekeeper take your time”
    (Don’t worry, your time will come.)
    “Wait for the dark of night”
    (You’ll be used when least expected.)
    “Soon all the suns will rise”
    (Thermonuclear explosions are small stars like the interior of our sun, about 100,000,000 degrees.)

    …etcetera. Continue in this manner and the meaning will be unmistakable. “Love is the sweet surprise.” Not sure what that line means, but it’s bound to be something dark, and have nothing whatsoever to do with love.
    riverofnoreturon May 21, 2015   Link
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    General CommentThe Say You Will album had the unfortunate timing of being released shortly after the start of the Iraq war, and this had the unfortunate circumstance of being their first single. So when this was being played on the radio, it had automatic anti-war associations.

    This song either is a negative commentary on war or is comparing war to something. Knowing Fleetwood Mac, it's probably a comparison of war to a relationship of some sort. The lyrics seem to be intentionally vague.
    stoolhardyon December 16, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI don't know if it was unfortuante circumstance that made this the first single off Say You Will. The war had been coming, a lot of people knew it, and so it may have been timed to release when it did. They may not have waited it to be so close together, but I'm not sure it was unfortunate timing.

    I definately agree on the vagueness of the lyrics though. I still can't say for sure what they are taking about, or even if they may be intentionally misleading. Something tells me they will say what they meant... eventually.
    Jeffyhashon January 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe first verse suggests that "we" intend to use hydrogen bombs.

    The chorus suggests that the "Peacekeeper" should make the most of his romantic encounter tonight because odds are it's his last. He's going out to fight World War III tomorrow.

    The second verse scolds humanity for environmental irresponsiblity.

    The final verse tells the Peacekeeper that his time with his lover is up and it is time to go fight the enemy.
    Letmeinon May 19, 2007   Link
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    General Comment@Letmein: That sounds good to me. Anyone notice the lyrics are wrong? "...break their will..." does not sound anything like "...only kill...", the actual words.
    agmlegoon November 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFixed the lyric.
    Jeffyhashon January 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFavorite line "But there's only one brush we need, It's the one that never leaves a trace", not only applies in this context, but a lot and lot more circumstances. great lyrics, great song.
    Hacklewon June 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song reminds me of the Hunger Games Series. lol. That is all. I think it would be cool if it were in Mockingjay.
    SCayceon May 25, 2013   Link
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    General Comment"Peacekeeper" was written in 2000, three years before the release of "Say You Will", in a house Buckingham was renting with his wife.

    Like many of Buckingham's contributions on "Say You Will", "Peacekeeper" was originally going to appear on Buckingham's solo album, "Gift of Screws". However, Warner Bros told Buckingham to use all of his material for the upcoming Fleetwood Mac album instead. Warner Bros felt the song had the potential to become a hit, describing the song as "walking a line between something quite modern and something quite familiar". Warner Bros ultimately chose the song to become the album's first single.

    When asked about the lyrics, he explained that the song had nothing to do with global issues or war, but was closing in on propaganda. In another interview, he would say; "...It's about how we are becoming increasingly desensitized to things around the world that are brutal and not standing up for human value
    MormonVoodooon October 30, 2014   Link

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