"Where Strides the Behemoth" as written by and Brann Dailor Troy Sanders....
Condition tomorrow
With visions inlaid
The priest stands to our right
A princess is mine

The regress of some minds
Further chase the prize
Pretentious you follow
Religion is mine

Anger precedes my footsteps
Haunting past comes into head
Horizon seems so far away
This life close to end of days
Kill and I will be damned
Forgive and I will be free

Unified eyesight

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"Where Strides the Behemoth" as written by Brann Dailor Troy Sanders


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Where Strides the Behemoth song meanings
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    General CommentI kinda like the drumming in this track, am I the only one?
    HungerForMoreon October 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI kinda like the drumming in this track, am I the only one?
    HungerForMoreon October 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentno. i do too, especially the part before the REEALLY heavy part where its just distorted bass and brann does accents that sound really strange for some reason
    poopsmcgee567on January 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOk Mastodon songs are hard to interpret but here goes:

    "condition tomorrow
    with visions inlaid
    the priest stands to our right
    a princess is mine"

    It seems to be a protagonist who has taken a kingdom by force and has forced a priest to declare the maiden princess his wife. He has this great vision as he now sees the kingdom and princess which are his.

    "the regress of some minds
    further chase the prize
    pretentious you follow
    religion is mine"

    He now precides over the land as a king. Power is the goal he pursued and now, as he has manipulated the high priest, religion is also his.

    "anger precedes my footsteps
    haunting past comes into head
    horizon seems so far away
    this life close to end of days
    kill and i will be damned
    forgive and i will be free"

    Ok really confusing here. It seems as though, now the new king is angry and paranoid, for fear of someone usurping his throne. A prophecy from the past lingers above him, perhaps to be aware of a certain person who would dethrone him. The horizon is endless and he does not know where to look for this person and he knows his time to die is near. If he is killed by this unseen enemy, he will be damned, for the prophecy will be fulfilled and fate will outdo him. If the king is forgiven and his life is spared, then he will be set free, possibly to live in exile for the rest of his days.

    "unified eyesight

    He still lives in fear of his killer and so he desires his perception to grow, so that he may identify him. Judging by the title of the song, this king rides the back of a giant behemoth and his unified vision, is the vision he shares with this beast. Perhaps he is weak, yet intelligent, and his beast is powerful, yet mindless, and so he needs the beast and the beast needs him, in order to rule the land.
    evildemoncloneon January 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIn Jewish belief, Behemoth is a primal unconquerable monster of the land, as Leviathan is the primal monster of the waters of the sea and Ziz the primordial monster of the sky.

    As we know Troy is Jewish and we know Mastodon like to write songs about Myth's and "Prehistoric things", even if the lyrics doesn't really fit with it as being about a Monster.

    i don't know what it's really about but nevermind great fucking song :p
    Aprophisthe1on September 27, 2009   Link

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