There are no words, she is alien, there are no words
She been running out of patience, oh, could this be any worse
And there is no reason or no fate or no path, and no sign and no right and no wrong
And there is just no sense behind this, and I hate when I get down for too long

There are no vows she made no promises, she still hung around
I beat her innocence with a two ton of guilt, oh, so she left without sound
And I act surprise when there's dead in her eyes, so I think that she lies and she lace me with poison
And I'm goin' crazy cos I think that she hates me, I hate it when I will not listen to reason

Maybe there's a reason for why we are this way
Maybe there's a motive behind all the unsaid words we say
Maybe it's a fallacy - I'm an actor, you an actress
Or maybe it just is

There is no time to talk about this well all we have is time
I question your judgement when faced with adversity you answer with lies
And I'm getting tired of all your excuses through the screamin' and yellin' you used up your uses
And there is no question that I'll do without you the same things that you did before that you told me

There is a smile, on your face, so why you gonna smile?
Your moods, well I swear they change like the wind, but not as worthwhile
And I lose my place well it's not for the first time, and I stayed in your life while you walked out of mine
You said it's better for me and all I can see from the dirt where I lay is you showing that smile

Maybe there's a reason for why you are that way
Maybe there's a motive behind all that you did
Maybe that's fine cos I'm too old to argue
And maybe it just is

That is your hand, that I see, holding that knife, into my back that's twisting
Yes I swear it's no lie there's that look in your eyes the same one that fooled me you were so pleased to see me
So you tear me apart like it's no skin off your back you know I can't do this so why would you do that
I think I'm nourished from your feeding me bull, it's the lies you put on that are keepin' me goin

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