"Skeleton Song" as written by Morgan Rose, Clint Lowery, Vince Hornsby, Butch Walker, La Jon Witherspoon and John Connolly....
I'll stay right here
With all these familiar faces
And shutout everyone else
From the world we created
Instead of becoming the sick and twisted
I'll lose myself in a song again

There's nothing wrong
In being far from right
Another skeleton song
Stuck in my head all night
And there's something wrong
When everything goes right
Another skeleton song
Will save my life tonight

Was it that hard, to open the door for faith
When everyone feels the same
A different face but on the same page
We don't need something
That hurts more than nothing
So I lose myself in a song again


So I try my best to see how you can relate to so much grief
Never stop forgetting why it is you came here
For awhile it seems to be,
It's all you ever think and sleep
Just reach back for me, I'll find another place to go

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"Skeleton Song" as written by Vince Hornsby John Connolly

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    General CommentYeah... I kinda agree with you but I think the most important lines of this song are "Another skeleton song, Will save my life tonight"
    To me this song is also about the power of making, writing, listening to music in order to release emotions.
    numb&brokenon May 17, 2005   Link
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    General Commentto me, its like acceptance of the way i am, because i dont know how to change it. paranoid, broght on by my own self. feeling like everything is supposed to be upside down and isnt meant to be right side up. and becoming reclusive and more introverted, escaping contact with people to avoid the confusion it creates
    ScaredOfHimselfon December 16, 2004   Link
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    General CommentWhat is a body without a skeleton? a formless mass withering and writhing on the ground, on the dirt. A skeleton enables you to stand, to take a stand, to make a stand, to live. Music is the writer's life, and it is so that he feels it is the best way to convey his emotions, the way he feels. "So I lose myself in a song again" says it all for me. This is one of those tricky songs, it's so well-written that I cannot simply "sum it up". You have to listen to this song instead of hear it, i believe it's there you will find your own interpretation of it. "There's nothing wrong
    In being far from right"...
    andyw513on May 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPersonally, anyone can understand the song.
    But you reallly have to FEEL the song to completely know what this is. You will know, it's almost like the world stops just to listen to this song.
    It's about life to me. A skeleton is what holds the body up, the frame, the structure. That's what music is to me, and I'm sure it is to Lajon too. I feel music as my essence, I always finding myself "losing myself in the song again."
    It doesn't matter if your "far from right" with music, or if you love it too much. that song, whatever it is, when it comes on makes it all that much better. That's the skeleton song, the one that gives you a reason to get out of bed when it all feels like shit.

    I'm also fascinated by the second verse, I don't know Lajon's views on religion, but mine is this, there are way to many people in this day and age who have lost all faith, I don't care what you're religion, believe that there's something out there. I feel like it's on aithiesm, that second verse. It's saying we all feel alone and feel pain, but that pain that feels like there is nothing out there? Don't beat yourself to death, accept something and feel like you belong.

    Then all those people who bitch and whine/complain about there life. All I hear in suburbia is how much life sucks for the individual. Well "Never stop forgetting why you came to be here", with "everybody crying themselves to sleep" they need to live. We all have problems, suck it up.

    This song means so much to me, and please take time to read what's above, it does mean a lot to me.
    CourageousInsanityon December 23, 2006   Link
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    General Commentone of the great sevendust songs.
    guitarplaya3ebon April 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYou really have to be a musician or poetic to understand this song. It is written by Lajon to the rest of the band. It is a gift to them in all ways.

    Lajon is "Standing here with all these familiar faces" being the band. He's shutting everyone out from the world they created, that means everyone, fans, friends, family. All he's thinking about is writting the next best song with his buddies.
    Instead of becomming the sick and twisted, harming people, doing what sick people to do cope with their emotions, he will "lose myself in song again." Meaning forget the world, just write the song with the band in this euphoric expirience and "shut out the world we created." Once again, you need to really be in a band to understand that. When you write a song no one in the world matters but you, and whoever your playing with.
    "Another skeleton song stuck in my head all night". Meaning after the day's break, the song the band is writting is stuck in his head the rest of the night, because he feels so passionate about it. But it isnt nearly complete, just a verse or a chorus is written, or an idea. Hence "skeleton song." For you SAT wizzes, "a frame is to a house, as a frame is to a..."
    Its the beginnings of a song. But it means alot to him. Writting the song with the closest people in his life being the band, and everyone else doesn't matter while the band is writting.
    Not sure if i mentioned it, but once again, you really need to be in a band to understand this song.
    dimeifiedon October 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI really think the third verse is the kicker. I guess I kind of see “you” as the song, as his mind when he’s writing and just sort of how well music describes and relates to pain (“so I try my best to see how you can relate to so much grief”). And just wondering why it is that his mind is almost attracted to that grief and uses it as a cornerstone for creating music – with that whole idea of the beauty in tragedy. But then it also hints at the solace that writing and listening to music offer (“another skeleton song will save my life tonight”) as well as the grand scale that it touches people on who are going through the pain he’s been through and is writing about (“a different face but on the same page”).

    As far at the primary symbolism, skeleton – I take it as meaning bare and stripped – as if the song and the writing he does doesn’t have any sort of façade or cryptic meaning that its just out there and real and raw but also that the writing and the songs are universal.
    onemoreshoton November 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commentit's definetly a writers song...it's hard to sum it all up and explain it...but i get it. To me this is one of those songs that just sticks to me, lyrically and musically
    xxxFreakxxxon December 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about being around the people that your always around but the type of people whom always rub you the wrong way. Such as maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend who in which you always fight with and end up being depressed or when your around your parents and they wont let you go out with your friends so your around all the familiar faces but shut out from the world and you het depressed bcuz your never around the people that are good for you so that you listen to music and find a song that really helps you in those types of situations such as a so far away by staind or santa monica by theory of a deadman and youll listen to that song over and over again in that night hense i have a skeleton song stuck in my head tonight meaning that you have a sad song that makes you feel better in the situation that you need it for... This song is a very good song definatly one of Sevendusts best... My opinion.
    Goldberg115on June 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite 7D songs

    I interpret this song as relationship driven. Guys stuck in a familiar relationship where he always feels the same. Like he gives all the effort and she has issues and walks away. "And there's something wrong
    When everything goes right": To me I feel this way whenever I try to build a relationship with somebody. im so open to what the particular girl im seeing wants and she either gets weirded out by that or would rather be treated like crap first and then try to work through that abusive relationship. So from my viewpoint, I see it as im doing all of the right things, yet theres something wrong when everything is going right.

    The base of the skeleton song title to me means that no matter what type of relationship you are in, music is always there for you. Like someone else posted, we all have a skeletal system inside our bodies, thats the basis of living. We also all have that skeleton song that gets us through the shit we have to deal with.

    claymaker52on November 27, 2010   Link

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