The terror of the view
The emptiness of this room
Always writing against this truth in the way that a painter must have
a surface to hit

The pain is flying now, breaking the silence at the speed of sound
Hitting the frequency
She's reaching back at me, warm and loud
Beautiful demons fly out

And we're fighting for our lives to fill the corners up with light
Black spell casting against them now in the way that a bullet
will go until it is stopped

And all the medicine went to my head again late last night
My bed of saccharine, my bad amphetamine
I was lit from within, burning with means and ends

And the city life is like a sugar high, knocking me out, keeping
me wired
It's incredible
Unsteady chemicals
Come and go the ebb and flow
When the measure of your work is the masure of your worth, then
you better make it work

There's some people I could name, but it's not the time or place to
split hairs with the guys downstairs
They'll get their fare share I'm sure
The frequency is gonna take us there

And the city kids, the angry with-it kids, hate everything the first time
It's incredible
The kind of chemicals knocking around in my mind
In the winter of my night I found a desperate kind of light, and nothing
comes without a fight

You want to know where the good thoughts grow
But you ought to know where all the good thoughts go
You can't afford to miss a day, call in sick
You better stay that way, stay that way

And the city life is just some other guy knocking me out, wasting my time
Upper middle class, infomaniac
You will get yours, I will get mine, so get in line
The frequency is fine

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    General Commentthis song is the start to one of my all-time top 5 records, and is yet another quality jets song, so im surprised no-one has commented on it yet!

    i think that the first verse is something that many songwriters have experienced - the 'emptiness of the room' represents his life and the way he is feeling trapped with nothing there to comfort him. he is trying to write, but there is no base to it - no 'canvas' to use as the background to a song.

    eventually 'beautiful demons fly ouy' and he is able to write a song about the city, and a feeling of isolation - he does not identify with the 'city kids.' (although the city life being compared to a 'sugar high' kinda makes the idea of city life as isolating for him less credible....)

    All of the drug references are probably to do with the depression that he has battled through his life, as amphetamines are anti-depressants.

    anybody agree/disagree with me?
    skyharbouron July 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentYou kinda read my mind. I agree with pretty much all things stated above.

    I can really identify with this song quite a bit. I have a love/hate thing for living in the city.
    BurningBrighton October 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThroughout the album there's a pretty steady stream of references to the writing process. I've always really enjoyed two particular lines in this song:

    "And the city kids, the angry with-it kids, hate everything the first time"

    I always took that as a bit of an f-you to the snobby indie music scene either not being willing to admit enjoyment of something until other people validate it or perhaps just the constant refrain of "The album becomes enjoyable upon multiple listenings," as if something worth enjoying has to be difficult to take.

    I also love the line "The frequency is fine."

    I take that line as affirming the songwriters own concerns about his product, saying it doesn't matter what other people think, he's producing what he is meant to produce.
    steelydignanon March 31, 2007   Link

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