"Crude Sunlight" as written by Chris Alan Vrenna, Jennifer Asher Charles and Clint Walsh....
Careful, they think I'm sleeping
If I could just trick this machine
Oh god, who are they
And what does it mean
No I can't let them touch me

And I can't let them see
Crack in the wall
The only place I can crawl for safety
I'm crawling inside

But I've still got to know
Why am I afraid to go
Had I slipped into the wrong door
Even though it felt so fine

Crude sunlight rolling through my window
Telling me it's not your time
And still the voices calling
Come on

Crack in the wall
The only place I can crawl to safety
When I was dead
Three headless voices that said they loved me

Such a love was blinding
There I can't fall
And the floor is the wall I'm scaling
Gonna give them all the slip

I've had it
I've got to abandon ship
Never gonna go back there
Never gonna go back there

The last minute
I've got to abandon ship
Shivering under a wave
Another lonely seasons slave

I've had it
I've got to abandon it
Let me start all over again
This couldn't be the end
There's something I've got to say

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"Crude Sunlight" as written by Clint Walsh Chris Alan Vrenna

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Crude Sunlight song meanings
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    General CommentIt's clearly about suicide.

    "I can't let them touch me" - this person is fearful of any human contact because it might just prevent them from going through with what they want to do (i.e. end her life). Human touch = love, warmth, care. They don't want that. It'll jeopardize any further actions this person plans to take.

    "I can't let them see me" - meaning, this woman doesn't want to give anything away, doesn't want to appear that she's suicidal.

    And the big thing:

    "Crude sunlight rolling through my window
    Telling me it's not your time"

    The sunlight represents any hope, any positive aspect(s) in her life to keep her from taking her life, but "...still the voices calling" her to "c'mon".

    Even with that sunlight telling her that life is still possible, those negative feelings overwhelm all of the positive... Probably because they want it that way.

    I never realized the real beauty and fragility this song represents. It's amazing.
    Nussenbaunon November 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwhoa, I wasn't really sure what this song meant but you pretty much answered everything. The only remaining question is did she or did she not follow through with it? At the end it says "Let me start all over again this couldn't be the end there's something I've got to say." Which could either mean that she did follow through with it and in the last moment wishes she didn't, or just before she kills herself she decides that there's always more to life, just one more thing to say and continues to live.
    Janzamaon December 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI just read a review on this song and there's a little more to it than I thought. The whole album is a story of one person at night-time suffering from nightmares, night-terrors, and insomnia. So Crude Sunlight is about someone who is about to give in to the nightmares and die, when the sunlight begins to wake them up. But this does have a reflecting meaning about suicide. And I suppose that ultimately, the person didn't follow through with it.
    Janzamaon December 05, 2006   Link

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