Well you're just across the street
Looks a mile to my feet
I want to go to you
Funny how I'm nervous still
I've always been the easy kill
I guess I always will

Could it be that everything goes round by chance
Or only one way it was always meant to be
You kill me you always know the perfect thing to say
Hey hey
I know what I should do but I just can't walk away

I can picture your face well
From the bar in my hotel
I wish I'd go to you
I'll pick up put down the phone
Like your favorite Heatmeiser song goes
It's just like being alone

Oh god please don't tell me this has been in vain
I need answers for what all the waiting I've done means
You kill me you've got some nerve but can't face your mistakes
Hey hey
I know what I should do but I just can't turn away

So go on love
Leave while there's still hope for escape
You gotta take what you can these days
There's so much ahead
And so much regret

I know what you want to say
I know it but can't help feeling differently
I loved you
And I should have said it
Tell me just what has it ever meant

I can't help it baby this is who I am
Sorry but I can't just go turn off how I feel
You kill me you build me up but just to watch me break
Hey hey
I know what I should do but I just can't walk away.

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"Kill" as written by James Christopher/burch Adkins

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    General Comment:This song reminds me of what im going through now cause I like a girl and i dnt know how she feels toward me but well its like Skylinexbleedsxred put it basically. This is a very beautiful song.
    Jericho_Reivajon December 12, 2008   Link
  • +1
    General Comment:this may be the GREATEST relationship song EVER written.
    tjwellson September 21, 2004   Link
  • +1
    General Comment:I loved you; I should've said it
    When he sings this, I get these cold chills.

    Link64on September 22, 2004   Link
  • +1
    My Interpretation:Wow, I had to create an account just to reply on this discussion, because I love this song so much- literally EVERY LINE relates to how I feel about my current relationship- yet my interpretation is pretty different from what people have been writing here. To me, it's not about unrequited love, or doom, or disillusionment- it's about HOPE.

    Here's the thing-
    I've been dating this guy for 3 years, which as most people know is really different from dating someone for 3 months. But all of my friends' relationships have lasted about that long, and so they hold a really different view of how love is supposed to work. Whenever we're having problems, they go on and on about how we're just not 'meant for each other', or how he's an asshole, how I just chose the wrong person. It's the media, too, in movies and books, everything, there's this idea that if you find the right person everything just CLICKS, and you will always KNOW, that for sure, this is right. There's so much pressure to be this really 'strong' person that doesn't put up with 'bullshit', who's independent enough to not be made a fool out of...

    yet, if you've ever really been in love, you know that's not the case. True intimacy is messy, and complicated, and there are rampant miscommunications, and it rips away all your walls and leaves you really vulnerable. But in the end, you always hang in there, despite others' disapproval, because you JUST CAN'T WALK AWAY. You're IN LOVE.

    My boyfriend and I have talked about this and we both agree- it's better to hang in there, to work on stuff even when it gets REALLY hard, even when we're both having doubts, even when we're both feeling like maybe the other person never really cared. It's about true FAITH, and about true DEVOTION.
    (which is a rare thing these days- look at the 50% divorce rate.)

    Think about it... really, just sit down and listen to this song with this in mind, instead of one person leading on another. It makes sense. It's so beautiful and just.... real.
    readthetideson September 07, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaning:Hey guys,
    For me this song has another meaning. There's a girl I love for about 6 or 7 years now but we always just have been good friends. I also had few other girlfriends meanwhile but I never could get her out of my brain. Well few weeks ago I broke up with my last gf after a 3 year ralationship and the girl I love called me last Friday to go out with me. We went to a bar where they played this song and few hours later we ended up kissing each other. Now the problem is that she's officialy together with a very good friend of mine and I would fuck up his life if she would leave him because of me. So this song could be related to a similar siuation.
    Obschton December 07, 2009   Link
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    General Comment:Another song I used to listen to but never really got the meaning until today when it came on my ipod and I gave it another chance after so many years (you know, when you over listen to something and you cannot stand it anymore!).

    Anyway, listening to the lyrics...shit it sounds like my life! I noticed that my life is repeating itself this year like last year with various things that I am doing, and to top it all off the guy that came into my life during that exact segment last year, has made small appearances in my life now! However we keep missing each other...and I'm scared of actually seeing him again. However I want to. 'I know what I should do but I just can't walk away'. Because as they say...'I need answers for what all the waiting I've done means'. I feel that I have missed a lot of chances the past year because I'm looking/waiting for him.

    This bit really really makes me feel emotional:

    'I know it but can't help feeling differently
    I loved you
    And I should have said it
    But tell me
    Just what has it ever meant'

    I maybe should have made it more obvious...or just said something to get it out.
    However, I feel if we did meet this summer because 'Could it be that everything goes around by chance
    Or only one way that it was always meant to be', then I'm ready. So ready to finish this and get closure by establishing what happened!

    So much of this song just hits me! I feel that if we saw each other again, how it is described in the song would be exactly how I would feel. I am so the singer!

    Too many signs recently...it's creeping me out!
    jentendencorelavoixon July 28, 2010   Link
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    General Comment:

    "So go on, love
    Leave while there's still hope for escape
    Got to take what you can these days
    There's so much ahead
    And so much regret
    I know what you want to say
    I know it but can't help feeling differently
    I loved you
    And I should have said it
    But tell me
    Just what has it ever meant"

    One of the best verses of all time. Damn, unrequited love hurts like a bitch.
    ragnaon July 29, 2010   Link
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    Song Meaning:I think this is about someone he'd been with for years, talked to, built up a relationship withand then after all that they tell him they're not interested.
    Mainly written from the perspective of the person looking back over the years, at what they did and that the other person had good reason for doing what they did, but the writer still dosn't agree with it.
    Ends with him saying that he's not going to change to suit how someone else wants him to be, that they've strung him along for years to see if he would change and then dropped him when he didn't
    scully745on July 03, 2011   Link
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    General Comment:Anyone have any idea when the new album comes out, or what it's called? And what's this song like musically -- do they play it live much?
    Cherub Rockon May 02, 2004   Link
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    General Comment:they played this song at the pomona show. and if you search thru the jimmyeatworld.net message board you'll find a link that let's you listen to the song. i heard it and cried. way 2 go J.E.W. for creating yet another song i can realate to.
    ramina7on May 03, 2004   Link

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