"Love Is a Place" as written by and Emily Haines James Shaw....
There's spring in the air
They're sweeping the streets
Wind is a breeze
The sun becomes her he agrees

What's holding up her face?
Nothing but blue skies
Passage ways to windows
That don't close

Where do you live?
Love is a place
Where are you from?
She says, ask yourself ask anyone
What's holding up her face
Nothing but blue skies
Passage ways the mind's eye

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"Love Is a Place" as written by James Shaw Emily Haines


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    General CommentWell im not great at analyzing things but heres what i think.

    "Theres spring in the air, theyre sweeping the streets." means that shes in love with someone new and is clearing out her old past. "Wind is a breeze." simply means that new love is in the air but its empty, like the wind can breeze through her heart which is empty. "The sun becomes her." means happiness becomes her because he makes her happy. "what’s holding up her face?
    nothing but blue skies." means the only thing keeping her going is hope for new love. "Passage ways to windows that dont close." is saying that you cant shut anything of anyone out of your life. Saying that love is a place means that love is something you live in and cant get out of. "the minds eye comtemplates." is the only thing i dont yet understand. someone can help me out maybe?
    RebeccaRockstaron July 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthat was lovely, Watch. :)
    dustybreezeon June 19, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti didnt think that this song was about romantic love or new love. just overall, brotherly love, daily love.

    i thought about a girl who was so serene. she wakes up feeling like the sun. she has eyes that dont shut people out, they dont close. if you asked her, where do you live? she would reply, love is a place.

    to be enveloped by love. that's what i thought of. she's beautiful. this song makes my heart beat.

    and proposals, that poem fits perfectly to what i think of the song.
    luey_babyon November 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think "she" is the sun, and the sky is "holding [her] up" i think it means that love doesn't have to be something that you share with someone it can just be felt and as simple as a "place".
    dustybreezeon February 17, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe first verse is about forgetting.
    spring represents a new start.
    sweeping the streets is like getting rid of all the memories.
    "the sun becomes her he agrees" is one of my favourite lines. It's like saying that being happy suits her. Like people say when you smile it brightens up your face.

    The blue skies represents how theres so many opertunities out there and you can do what you want or be who ever you want to be.
    The windows that dont close could be like when one door closes another opens. showing that there is nothing to hold her back because the world is open to her.

    The last verse shows how love is everywhere around you and you shouldnt go out looking for it but just embrace it if or when it happens.

    I love this song. It makes me feel like i know something nobody else knows. It's just about how you can make anything you want out of life and how things shouldnt hold you down because theres so many oppertunities.

    watchon May 24, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretationthere’s spring in the air
    --New year (beginnings).

    they’re sweeping the streets
    --Things are getting cleaned up, made better.

    wind is a breeze
    --Everything is finally coming together, pleasant (like a breeze).

    the sun becomes her he agrees
    --This new light she's living in is fitting for her.

    what’s holding up her face?
    nothing but blue skies
    --She is just happy. You can't point at anything material as being the cause of the happiness.

    passage ways to windows
    that don’t close
    --The passage ways are part of what's making her so happy, and what they represent becomes clearer when they're mentioned in the last verse of the song.

    where do you live?
    --It's not a physical place being discussed, the singer is asking to figure out why the girl is so happy.

    love is a place
    --I'm loved/in love is the response. I live in love.

    where are you from?
    --Still trying to understand this disposition the girl has.

    She says, ask yourself ask anyone
    --It's a useless question. It doesn't lead to the information the singer wants.

    what’s holding up her face
    nothing but blue skies
    --Still telling us that it's no tangible thing that leads to this happiness.

    passage ways the mind’s eye
    --And here is the reveal that the happiness is coming from within. She's been through the passageways of her thoughts. Her happiness comes from a love that is within, love of/for herself. Love is a place inside everyone, one needs only to navigate the passageways of their mind, to look through windows that don't close.
    Isthianon September 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think this song provides abstract imagery and doesn't really have a concrete meaning. I'm not sure though, there could be some underlying meaning... who is "she"?
    SwedishFishon July 04, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti am not sure what you think lyrics are really supposed to be, but of course not all of them are exact story lines that explain characters

    it's about being open for interpretation

    and this song is not just abstract
    makeartnotmathon October 19, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis is the type of song where you don't even have to listen to the lyrics to feel the emotions that went into it.

    Everytime I hear it I get a little teary eyed, and I'm not sure why.
    oh_doctor_doctoron October 30, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is about a girl who's always depressed in the winter, then when spring comes she becomes happy and optimistic again. "blue skies" are "holding up her face" as in they're making her smile. maybe i'm wrong... but it's jsut how i feel in the spring, so it makes me happy.
    indignityon December 15, 2004   Link

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