"Crystal Mountain" as written by and Chuck Schuldiner....
Built from blind faith
Passed down from self-induced fantasy
Turn a page to justify
Conjuring power - it opens wide
On seventh day,
Is that how it's done?
Twisting your eyes to perceive
All that you want
To assume from ignorance
Inflicting wounds with your
Cross-turned dagger

Inside crystal mountain
Evil takes its form
Inside crystal mountain
Commandments are reborn

All the traps are set to confine
All who get in the way of the divine
In sight and in mind of the hypocrite
A slave to the curse forever confined

Shatter the myth
Don't cut yourself
On your words against
Dreams made of steel
Stronger any faith
That inflicts pain and fear,
Is that how it's done?
Twisting your eyes to perceive
All that you want
To assume from ignorance
Inflicting wounds with your
Cross-turned dagger

Inside crystal mountain
Evil takes its form
Inside crystal mountain
Commandments are reborn

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"Crystal Mountain" as written by Chuck Schuldiner

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    My Opinion... I'm a Christian.

    and I'm not brainwashed by organized religion. That's an extremely ignorant and closed-minded thing to say.

    In fact, in a lot of ways the "organized church" doesn't agree with me...
    because I follow Christ and not just the strange, amorphous, oft-hypocritical thing called the Church.

    Because, well, I've realized that Christianity is more simple than all of this. I'm not deluded. I think about things. And I know God in the way that I know that people love me. I couldn't actually prove it empirically, but I know in the very core of who I am. I am not trapped. If I am a slave, I am a slave to kindness and love. I am not being duped, and wounded. I try not to be a hypocrite, but I don't claim to be perfect.

    That's what being a Christian is: it's following --no-- it's chasing love. It's a commitment to a man who loves me, too. I don't have all the answers, but I refuse to be stuck, immobile, not choosing a course of action. If I assume from ignorance, atheists do, too. And, agnosticism is "choosing immobility as a means of transportation." I have chosen a path, just as others have. Sometimes, it looks humanist: "to him who knows to do good, and doesn't do it, it is counted as evil." and yet, there's a bigger component, that I trust God and "it is counted as goodness, and [I am] called the friend of God."

    True Christianity is a friendship and a simple way, not a corporation of deep-pocketed politicians and tricksters.
    lalihydeon September 06, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningYeah, this song is not against religion or christianity, yet this song is about people who uses their religion in a bad way.

    See yourself :

    "Crystal Mountain
    Chuck: Unfortunately people are involved in very highly organized religions in the States. Those people are very critical and they predict everyone ending up in hell.
    Spark: You mean something like bigots?
    Chuck: Yeah, that´s it.
    Spark: Do you know any personaly?
    Chuck: Unfortunately I do. I´m sick of that those people think of us in a bad way just because we are not the same as them, because we don´t believe in what they do. Lot of religions in the United States are about narrow-minded opinions. People often use religion for hurting others when they want and that´s what this song is about. "


    Also, i read something some years ago, i don't remember what and where, but Chuck was more specific in it.
    He explained that Crystal Mountain was inspired by neighbors he had in the past. Very religious people that were using their faith to judge other people and to be rude with them.

    Sorry for awkward formulation, english is not my language.
    Montjoieon July 26, 2013   Link
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    Song Meaning"Crystal Mountain" is a metaphor for the massive ammount of lies and desciet on which the church has build its foundation. These lies are easy to see through, which is why the mountain is referred to as Crystal.

    I would interpret "to assume from ignorance" as how mankind creates theories (like religion) in order to fill a space of knowledge which we can never really accieve (why we exist, etc).

    Also, "inflicting wounds with your cross-turned dagger" seems to me like a metaphor for how the church used their religion (cross) as a weapon (dagger) in the past (and arguably even today) to have their will be done. The "all the traps..." part has something to do with this as well.

    Finally "shatter the myth, don't cut yourself" is an encouragement not to become religious (since this would mean hurting yourself by giving in to the lies).

    I would also like to say that these lyrics are against manipulation (which no one can deny that the church have applied, at least in the past) but they are not some anti-christian crap trying to stomp on other peoples beliefs.
    PlzDieNowon December 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMany people frown on organized religion. They wanna worship God the way they wanna, without dogma getting in the way. That's probably why Chuck wrote the song. Chuck was Jewish, and i'm sure he had belief in God, but not in the way a Christian has. Christians believe their purpose being on earth is to be a witness, to convert others to Christianity. Jewish people don't believe in that. They don't "convert" people. Maybe it was just Chuck's frustration with Christianity, perhaps being told by someone that "Jesus is THE ONLY WAY" to Heaven. Jewish people are supposedly God's chosen people, and believe they are already going there when they die.

    Something that needs to be pointed out is that Chuck never wrote satanic lyrics most other death bands adhered to. On one of the videos of Death in concert on Youtube, someone from some death metal band, MOST LIKELY a satanic one, said Death wasn't real death metal. He said "yeah, i guess we're fcking disco, huh?"
    snafuoneon May 09, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationi always kinda think of spiritual healing when i listen to this song. the way the woman on that album's cover is holding the Bible kinda looks daggerlike, as someone pointed out to me once. so, i think this song is about faith healers and other people who use religion for their own personal gain (cult leaders, tv evangelists, simoniacs, ect). there are many lines in the song which i think reference the way many people twist the truth of Christianity and add their own "commandments" until they have what they need to make a buck (or million), while Jesus said that whoever wants to can come for free. to a careful observer, these lies are easy to see, clearly as crystal. then, as in some other death songs, the strong "shatter the myth." when i first heard this song i would only hear the first part of the sentence "stronger than any faith..." without the vital second half, "...that inflicts pain and fear."

    and finally, to blackened89, if you dont like death, then please STOP LISTENING TO THEM AND POSTING MINDLESS COMMENTS! thank you.
    wayfechyldeon September 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song isnt an Anti-Christian song, Chuck has said in several interviews that Death isnt an Anti-Christian band and that he respects everyones beliefs. I think this song is about Extremist Cults that manipulate and controll their members lives by using religion as a weapon " Inflicting wounds with your cross-turned dagger"
    MegadethMaiden23on July 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is very obviously about organized Christianity...I don't know how you get somebody who has a friend that cuts himself, but nowhere in the lyrics does it imply that
    vashts80on December 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentSweet. I wish I was that fish.
    WakeToLifeon January 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentCrystal Mountain is a metaphor for the mountain which represents christian religion how it was built from lies and deceits and there's lots of flaws in the christian religion the lyric "Inflicting wounds with your cross-turned dagger" sounds like chuck is saying the christians are afraid of people finding flaws in the religion and using it against them. the "commandments are reborn" lyric probably represent how the church is always changing stuff around. i think chuck is saying religion is a crutch people lean on that can't face reality well that's just my opinion hail evil chuck! r.i.p.
    predeadmanon September 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt can't be about like.. meth addiction or something- the addiction being stronger than any faith, completely changing someones morals or commandments, and making them do things that eventually cut themselves in a spiritual manner
    thenatronon March 29, 2008   Link

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