i just want to rock and be famous
and have my fifteen minutes to do some entertaining.
i’ll snort cobwebs and sleep with starlets.
everybody’s got a dream. mine’s to be a harlot
never had one until last year when the last beer of the night was raised
i found myself crazed eyeing crowds fighting over space.
looking all around the sound i faced was raised fists and applause.
this thought’d crossed my mind but still i barely paused
cause i’ve mined the grapevine for the motive, cause and the sort of laws applied.
the ride stopped when he said exactly the same thing as she said.
real rap don’t be dead, don’t be led astray
keep calm and on beat and don’t forget to pray.
staying street in the gutter i mutter the butter rhymes.
all the better to bring out the goods in the tough times.

the times they change and people they get stranger.
the best minds of our times are in the gravest danger.
cause if it’s not right then it must be left
alone on its own to pursue it due death.

i was purged when life merged with a bigger head office.
all about prophets on their lawns they burn crosses.
in their homes they burn incense to ward off the lawless,
in this sense an immense force became a colossus.

now i’m sitting in an office that i call my room,
trying to make enough money to cover the rent
and i am absolutely sick of not being a rockstar
i guess i’m gonna have...to give a little more head….

this is my rap song
for everything that’s gone wrong,
that you couldn’t keep a lid on,
and so on and so on.
i give you one to grow on,
until i bid you so long
you got to be so strong.
so c’mon c’mon.

let me take you on journey to back in the day
when we used less words when we had something to say
when the words meant more at the shows we’d play.
because it was all just fun at the end of the day.

i remember when we used to play in the grass.
didn’t have a quest and knew it wouldn’t last.
but must one fail for another to pass?
i'm getting credit for the freshness while cutting the class.

josh martinez...i been here the whole time.
cramming slam poets into toe jam line by line.
my sign is the lion and i’m five-foot-ten
i’m always eating all the time but still i’m staying thin

and when it’s raining staying in and drinking gin
and when it’s hot i’m out a lot in nature taking in the sights and nomenclature.
i’m 23 years old, and i look great naked,
gold in my eyes and i think i make it,

but just as i try to take a bite of the pie,
it was taken away from i and i don’t know why.
i don't have a piece yet for me to even eat.
so i'm sitting here trying to kick it clear, over this rap beat.


why am i waiting? if i’m not hungry what the f*#k is this craving?
for more roof raising, amazing giving and taking,
i’m always doing free shows with no hesitation.
frustrated. i just want to be appreciated.
finally got my shit out on vinyl and i made it.
and so it was fated getting faded on soul control
sold a few songs strung along paid the toll
records start to sell everybody gets bitter
lets a little glitter gold get a hold of the soul
and this designated hitter wouldn’t take one on the chin.
so we went our separate ways and now i’m out and they in.
i’m gone with the wind that comes on with the storm
that wipes out the farms that leave their lights on.
you gotta lock your doors, never sure whose gonna show up
throw up those hands if you want to be down.

if i’m not mistaken, i’m good at what i do
i rap my intellect to tap into the tapestry of being true.
who said you could steal my clubmix
let the kizzy get bizzy and love it.

chicka chicka i’m on my shit
deliver live shows too dope to forget.
i rock 5 mics on 4 tracks i’m 3 albums deep
and it all led 2 this 1 hit so don’t sleep.

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