"Subtle Hustle" as written by and Jean-paul Gaster Richard Timothy Sult....
Back again with a quickness, pick it up, pick it up.
Master arithmeticness, light it up, light it up.
I got the heat in both feets, snake handler's hands.
Come back with slickness and do it all again.

My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.

Now I'm the media's darling, pick it up, pick it up.
An international phenomenon, light it up, light it up.
I cause eclipses with a wave of the hand.
Let them hang in ellipses and do it all again.

My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.

I got your number. I steal your thunder.
I got your mother's maiden name tattooed on my arm.

I drive out daemons. Can I hear an Amen?
Now say my name.
Lay hands on screaming heathens. And do it all again.

My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.

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"Subtle Hustle" as written by Jean-paul Gaster Dan Maines


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Subtle Hustle song meanings
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    Song MeaningI'd say it's about con artists that use beliefs to trick people, from evangelists to spiritualists.
    ThePoetRazelon July 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentYeah I see it as being more about a person than any deity. This song makes me think about Benny Hinn and similar shitbags.
    UnFaithfulAtheiston February 08, 2011   Link
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    General CommentClutch is describing how subtle thier hustle is.
    and by the way... I got YOUR mother's maiden name tatood on MY arm
    insane metal fanon January 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about how someone with fame tricks people into thinking how great that person is. Or maybe a politician or evangelical.
    Lateral.Uson September 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI would agree more with the evangelical idea. The part where he says "I drive out demons...now say my name....and do it all again,etc" reminds me of one of those crazy religious dudes who claims to heal people and have all those people falling over. Basically, they are trying to say that these religious guys are getting these bullshit, miraculous healings, inflating their egos by having all these people believe it and call his name out, and then he proceeds to do the same type of miracles to many others.

    Furthermore, the chorus, "my subtle hustle, smooth as mothers butter, i let it ride on, i let it ride on", I think is referring to the fact that people continually let religious figures hold high positions of power with little check. Possibly, they are trying to say that religion or those bullshit healers in particular are just hustling people but people trust religion so much that nobody will question them...letting him ride on.
    LCDforMeon March 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree to an extent about the idea of the song referencing an Evangelist of some sort but I think it's more streamlined than that. I think the song is actually about God, as is somewhat solidified in the lines 'master arithmeticness' and 'I cause eclipses with a wave of the hand.' 'Master arithmeticness' could be a reference to the perception of God in esoteric circles (architect or geometrician of the universe) and certainly only a god of some sort would possess the power to cause an eclipse. The song, like many religious tales that reference God (like the Bible) is not meant to be taken literally but rather I think alludes to the idea that a blind belief and faith in 'God' without regard for one's own individual actions is dangerous because it breeds the idea of 'I'm saved so what I do here on Earth doesn't matter.' The song seems like an ironic analogy of God 'hustling' mankind into acting with blind faith in his/her name, be it evangelists, or anyone who acts in the name of God, like in war or political arenas but failing to ponder and question whether or not those actions are compassionate or beneficial to humankind. God always gets away with the 'hustle' because of the unquestioned reverence he/she receives from so many sectors of society worldwide. I mean, it's God after all and so it rides on and gets done again.

    rustedshuton March 10, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti like rustedshut's idea.
    but i feel it's more human based than god. the line 'my subtle hustle, smooth like mothers butter' it's one man hustling people. the con man (snake handlers hands) gains trust, popularity (media's darling), fame (international phenomenon), "comes back with the slickness to do it all again." he knows how to exploit religious people (i got your number, i steal your thunder), and it happened to the prior generations (i got your mothers maiden name tattooed on my arm)
    sorry but religious people are have that blind faith and that makes them easy marks and this song is a first person narrative about it.
    qweruiopon December 18, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it underscores the similarity of manipulative showmanship between the charismatic Christian and the Rock idol. "Lay hands on screaming heathens" -- they're there to worship, but it ain't god they're worshiping. Touched by their idol, they scream with spiritual euphoria and ask for more.
    cameronwg5on May 02, 2017   Link

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