"Crush" as written by and Gavin Degraw....
When my pass came in,
You dropped the ball
It didn't change the way I feel
And I was wishing
I'd break down your walls
The kiss will know if lips stay still
There is a line I crossed
And when you missed
I lost
I'm not a loser
Girl, you know that
I'll be back again

My dear, I went for the steal
Maybe it was rushed
Oh my crush,
I've gotta crush

I suppose that I could hold it in
But you excite my every cell
Sources say that senses
Are your friends
My senses say that I
Should tell
you that I'm not
ashamed, You might just feel
the same,
But you have to try it
If you're ever really gonna know

My dear, I went for the steal
Maybe it was rushed
Oh my crush, I've gotta crush

I want to
I need to
I have to have you
You're so much to touch
Girl, you're too much
And I can't control it
You've got me all over the road

My dear, I went for the steal
Maybe it was rushed
Oh my crush
Damaging my soul
You blew me off,
But I don't mind
I just get better with time
And so do you
So do you
So do you
My crush

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"Crush" as written by Gavin Degraw

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    General CommentThis song seems to me that the boy has previously had a crush on this girl. It seems like he made the move and ended up telling her yet she blew him off. The boy is so much into her; however, that he isn't giving up and will continue to pursue her until he gets her to be with him. This is such a sweet song, if you havent heard it... PLEASE go find it!!
    Jess0628on April 14, 2004   Link
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    General Commentpretty much agree with everything Jess said...a guy is in love with this girl and he put himself out there for her but for some reason or another the girl isnt interested in him...but he wont give up on her...he going to try everything he can to win her over.....sweet song
    LSUtigers04on December 27, 2004   Link
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    General CommentGavin captures the most accurate definition of a "crush" in this song, which is someone you are infatuated with but who doesn't return your feelings.

    The essential factor of a crush is well-developed in the lines: "I just get better with time/And so do you." The crush is unattainable which adds to their allure and your desire of them. **We always want the person we think we can't have**

    My last comment deals with the lines, "I went for the steal/Maybe it was rushed." To me, he's saying that he told/showed his crush that he cared for her, but she didn't react the way he would've liked. Instead of saying "oh well" and moving on, he attributes her negative response to the idea that maybe he just rushed into the "steal". I think a lot of us do the same. We won't admit that our crushes simply don't 'like us like that', instead we blame it on other factors, like Gavin does here with making his move too soon. I love it. So true to life!!
    bunnygrey84on December 27, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti love this song.. it's like singing to yourself.. saying.. ohh i have a crushh... and i'm soo in love.. i love gavin degaw...!! and his songs... lol
    ginger753357on January 14, 2006   Link

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