Its a good year for a murder
She's praying to Jesus, she's pulling the trigger
There's no tears, cause he's not here
She washes her hands, and she fixes the dinner
But soon they'll be coming, to rush her away
No one's so sure if her crime had a reason

Reasons like seasons
They constantly change
And the seasons of last year
Like reasons have floated away
Away with this spilt milk
Away with this dirty dish water, away
Seventeen years, and all that he gave was a daughter

"It's me and the moon," she says
I got no trouble with that
But i am a butterfly, you wouldn't let me die
"It's me and the moon," she says

And it's over, but just started
The blood stained the carpet
Her heart like a crystal
She's lucid and departed
A life left behind, she can find in her mind gone away

Away with these nightmares
Away with suburbia
Shakedown away
You marry a role and
You give up your soul til you break down

"It's me and the moon," she says
I got no trouble with that,
But I am a butterfly, you wouldn't let me die
"It's me and the moon," she says

But what do you say we go for a ride?
What do you say we get high?
But I'm so tired of days that feel like the night

"It's me and the moon," she says
And I got no trouble with that,
But I am a butterfly, you wouldn't let me die

I am a butterfly,
I am a butterfly,
I am a butterfly

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    General CommentThe intro is brilliant. 'Its a good year for a murder' (indicating she has probably been waiting for this moment for a very long time now that her daughter is well enough to take care of herself.)
    'She's praying to Jesus she's pulling the trigger, there's no tears, cause he's not here.' (She's praying to Jesus to forgive her for the sin she had just committed, she's all cried out and is left no sympathy for the act that she had just committed of killing her husband, which in turn would offer potential motive for her to kill her husband but also implies that she had lived in fear of the abusive marriage she had become trapped into living.)
    'She washes her hands and she fixes the dinner' (This could mean the husband demanded that dinner was made before he came home based upon the previous line indicating he wasn't there.)
    'But soon they'll be coming to rush her away, but no ones so sure if her crime had a reason' (obviously this would be police because in order to be committed you would have to be committed to a psychiatric ward by an official such as an officer or doctor, which would require legal documentation stating the mental health condition of the patient after an evaluation procedure.)
    'The reasons are like seasons, they constantly change and the seasons of last year are like reasons that floated away.' (This may relate to the ethics of her decision and the moral reasoning she has developed based upon her experiences in the marriage over the course of its history. Just as time has past with the changing of seasons, so have her reasons to continue hoping any of her aspirations and dreams of happiness to occur because so much time has passed for anything good to happen anymore, the song continues to explain this belief by expressing a brief history of the marriage.)
    'Away with this spilled milk' (this could symbolize how she was taking care of the daughter as a child, yknow how parents give their children milk and they end up spilling it? The symbolism could be tracing back to early stages of the marriage when she was taking care of the child practically on her own as well as upholding the responsibility of washing the dishes the entire time, which could also symbolize that she didn't receive any help from the husband as far as chores and labor, which only added to her fueling frustration over the years.)
    'Seventeen years and all that he gave was a daughter.' (...this indicates that the only thing that came from the marriage to her husband was a child, although the song doesn't conclude that the daughter was seventeen, its likely that she's rather old considering that all women are known for having a 'biological clock' before they start going through menopause and cease egg fertility or having periods which would allow them to ovulate during their menstral cycle in order to conceive a child so she must've had the child at an early age because a child is often considered a solution in abusive relationships in hopes of improving the happiness of abusive relationships.)
    'Its me and the moon she says, I've got no trouble with that' (most sinks have a window in front of them, and for this woman, the moon was probably the only thing that kept her company when her husband wouldn't all those years. The moon represents solitude and helps to express the unfulfilling emotion felt by the woman as she probably expressed herself for many years to this inanimate object only to realize how alone she is in life in her loveless marriage, she's in turn grown an acceptance with having the moon as her only company. This part always seems to depress me because it somehow creates a personal connection in sympathizing with this woman I barely even know. although much like my connection to her, her own connection with herself seems just as vague. She no longer seems to realize who she is anymore because her life has gradually become purposeless, which may even attribute to her insanity.)
    I just wanted to add that there is a very small piece of detail that seemed to be overlooked by many listening to this song which evidences that its not only the murder of her husband, but also the transition of executing her own suicide. 'and its over (cutting her wrists) but just started' (the effects of her cutting her wrists).
    'Her blood stained the carpet, (from slitting her wrists)
    'her heart like a crystal' (its become fragile in its integrity from the loss of blood)
    'she's lucid and departed' (she starting to slip out of consciousness and passing away),
    'a life left behind she can find in her mind gone away.' (her life is flashing before her eyes as she begins to depart her soul from her body)
    'where were these nightmares' (her memories of emotional trauma is disappearing) 'where was suburbia, shakedown away' (the location where the emotional traumatic events had occurred are disappearing as well)
    'You marry a role and you give up your soul till you breakdown.' (This is referencing that sometimes marriages don't turn out the way the people getting married had intended them to be, many promises end up being broken, personal dreams and hopes are sacrificed for the commitment to the role of making a marriage work. This is a very sad truth, although many couples will decide to get a divorce, the previous quote indicating that in the seventeen years he didn't give her anything other than a daughter would indicate that any promises that were made to her to influence a marriage proposal are sometimes neglected and unfulfilled. Since neither of them were better off than the other and all he seemed to give her was pain and suffering, she may have felt trapped but for the sake of the daughter she decided to stay to ensure that she was safe from his harm, sacrificing her own well being for the safety of her daughter.) She then refers back to what seemed to be her only companion throughout the marriage.
    'What do you say we go for a ride' (This could either indicate that he either never took her anywhere as she may have anticipated and instead insisted that she stayed home.)
    'What do you say we get high?' (this could indicate that he often resorted to considering drugs as a means of satisfaction to remedy the emotion problems that were dealt with in the marriage to escape whatever they had felt by use of controlled substances.)
    'But I'm so tired of days that feel like the night' (using the expression of solitude, loneliness and lovelessness at night, its only likely that she had felt the same way during the day as well.
    The beauty about her slitting her wrists is that it is likely to take this long for her to express these thoughts before finally passing away. At this point she's likely to be laying there on the floor with the moon illumating the last moments of her mortality before finally passing away with her last words being (which would make sense considering she's expressing this one statement in sort of a delerium caused by loss of blood to the brain and oxygen to support it)
    'I am a butterfly, you wouldn't let me die' all this time she wanted to be free, much like a butterfly is considered almost impossible to catch and hold captive. All this time she has felt trapped in her body, mind and life with no possibility to escape. As time progressed, she mustve come to the conclusion that since her life has been served in this loveless marriage, everything she sacrificed for the well being of her daughter from her potentially abusive husband to ensure her safety has been fulfilled, despite her feeling of personal purposelessness as time progressed, since her daughter was well enough to take care of herself, she no longer feels there is any purpose to live. Ultimately, we are all children of men, which gives meaning to 'you wouldn't let me die' because he impregnated her to have this child. Whether the child was considered a reason to aid the marriage to improve its happiness, or she was forced to have the child because the husband was abusive is undetermined. But it seemed the decision only added to the womans decision to not only deal with the marriage, but gave her reason to deal with it for this long. The deed is now completed and she no longer feels the reason to live because that was her only objective throughout the majority of the marriage. We've all heard parents decide to stay together because of the kids, the father may have been the breadwinner and the mother was likely to have been the housewife. The mother wanted to ensure the welfare of the daughter despite the fathers participation on his behalf while the mother deals with the abusive relationship at the same time. What an amazing sacrifice this song seems to entail. Much like how the womans life would slip away at this point, the music seems to follow a similar melody in its choice of instruments.
    noodle32on July 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOMG I can't believe no on has commented on this song! It's such an amazing song and proves you can have a beautifu song with the vocalist and the piano to back him up.
    THis song tells a story about a woman who kills her husband because she tinks he is the reason her life has gone nowhere. With his death she can create a new life that's not an ordinary day to day same thing. Kinda morbid if you think about it but it's beautifuly sung and not without hope. "I am a butterfly, you wouldn't let me die"
    brokenneedles066on April 09, 2004   Link
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    General CommentWhen I was listening to North for the first time, this was the one song that stood out to me. Everything about it is beautiful. It's so neat because the song is about such a harsh and serious subject, but it has this calm feel to it. It is really emotional though and Something Corporate did a great job with it. Definetly my favourate song by them. Everything just comes together and in my opinion, no other song really compares to it.
    Whit_Pon April 10, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI'll admit that I listened to this song about 1298723.2 times before I realized this song was about a lady killing her husband. ha- and what's the first verse? It's a good year for murder.

    But thats what is amazing about something corporate, they play the most beautiful song about a dark subject. and, oh, how i love:

    Reasons like seasons
    They constantly change
    And the seasons of last year
    Like reasons have floated away

    just listen to andrew sing that shit. :D
    eastcoasteron April 11, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe heart is sometimes wiser than the intellect
    BrandNewBoardshortson April 25, 2004   Link
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    General Commentomg this is one of my favorite SoCo songs ever!! it has so much meaning......i totally agree w/ eastcoaster. it hink that is awesome how they can make the music so calm ab a serious subject like murder.........way 2 go SoCo!!
    savvyseven24on April 26, 2004   Link
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    General Commentanyone know what they mean is this song by:
    Im just a butterfly but you wouldnt let me die??
    I mean in context to the song.
    Rocklovinggirlon May 03, 2004   Link
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    General Commentwhen i saw something corporate live, andrew said he didnt know what this song was about...
    slouchyslackeron May 05, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthe first thing i thought was "wow! this song has some really pretty cords in it." but when i first heard the words, i was a little creeped out by the first line. you hear all this pretty music, then it goes to talking about murdering people. don't get me wrong, when i heard the whole song, i liked it.....but i mean, can you truely say that the whole "it's a good year for a murder", and "blood stained the carpet" didn't catch you off-guard just a little?
    andysgurl14on May 06, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a woman who hates her husband enough to kill him for never letter her live and the butterfly symbolizes freedom and beauty which she never got to experience seeing as seh was too busy being a wife and a mother to this man who didn't appreciate her and her child with him.
    dramadork925on May 07, 2004   Link

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