Did you see me falling down from Heaven
Breaking every bone I have
So I tried to touch the sun
I had another fall
You can do the math
I was wrong is what they'll say
I watched their smiles fade away
I watched their black and white turn gray
Their picture-perfect worlds decay today
Today I fell to Earth again, again
I guess I failed You
I guess I cannot win

Today, today
I fell away
I fell away

Did you see me falling down from Heaven
Trailing wings of melted wax
At nine point eight
Accept the fact I'm going to crash
And so-called friends have gone away
And all advice will cease to stay today
Today on fragile wings I tried to touch the sun
As wax and feathers melted
All my dreams have come undone today

You lift my battered soul
You mend my broken wings together
You lift my battered soul
You mend my broken bones together

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    General CommentThe last lines are so beautiful..."you lift my battered soul, you mend my broken bones together"...one of those lyrics that is so much more powerful because of the way it is sung. First a whisper, then sung, then a heartfelt cry. Awesome.

    The song is an abstract look at a Christian falling from grace. He is frustrated at himself for another mistake, and he worries about what others will think and say. Most of all he is sorry to God for his failings. But in the bridge, he realises that no matter how far he falls, God can mend him and lift him up again.

    I still dont get what the metaphor of "trying to touch the sun" means though. I know it has to do with Icarus ("trailing wings of melted wax"), but I dont know what it's supposed to mean.
    OnDistantShoreson October 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOnDistantShores, I think that "trying to touch the sun" means that he's trying to attain something apart from God. He seems so driven to accomplish something, like his worth is based in achievement. He finally realizes that as he's working apart from God, he is living a lie, a sin. This is the day he realizes his pride and self-sufficiency have caused him to fall away, and only God can mend his wings and lift his soul... Only with God can we fly high enough to accomplish something great (The whole flying metaphor is reminiscent of FIF's Every New Day).
    Gonzalesauruson July 08, 2008   Link
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    General Comment@Gonzalesaurus

    Maybe you're right, but I always thought of the sun to be God. Like OnDistantShores said, he is frustrated at himself for another mistake. When he says "I fell away" meaning he has lost his close relationship with God and "fell away" to other things apart from him. But what you said was interesting and gave me a whole new perspective on the way I look at this song.
    1010083802on October 19, 2014   Link

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