"Cuts Marked in the March of Men" as written by and Claudio/todd Sanchez....
Listen to the world out on the outside pressing in
Are you ready on my mark?
Fingers given names and with the last word they ascend
On the comfort of their well being...in arms
Into something they can't stop but wish that they could kill
You're the answer to their prayer

In your last hour stand
You'll notice the one that you had loved in dreams is here among the others
Chase it's you I want but if I can't have her
Then why should I spend any more time in a world that's going to end pretty soon?
I need you now more than I ever did
I'll hand myself over for you
This comlink's lost its frequency and I feel that we're coming home short
Here take me instead I'd rather not see her off alone

Scattered amongst the killing streets the children slate defense
Is god's work to have us fail?
Rivered blood streams out the dead as bodies foul the air
I'll make peace when this is done
In arms...we storm
Slowly the streets begin to fill with new flesh bound to bone
Armed and ready it begins again...


Tonight we storm

Deliver a favor to my love [x4]


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"Cuts Marked in the March of Men" as written by Travis Stever Claudio Sanchez

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Cuts Marked in the March of Men song meanings
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    General CommentIn Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

    The Ring in Return
    This is a ten year passage of time in which Claudio is sleeping while hidden on the quiet planet Shylos Ten, which is used as the URA’s interrogation headquarters. During this time, Jesse begins to rebuild Mariah’s rebel army and wages a war against Ryan’s URA from Silent Earth.

    In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
    From his base on Silent Earth, Jesse is joined by Mariah’s rebel army and his group of IRO-bots, The Pioneers, as they prepare for war against the URA. Jesse is commanding his soldiers, “man your battle stations,” as one of The Pioneers, Sizer, begins to feel envious of Jesse’s affection for Chase, another young IRO-Bot Jesse created. As the URA plans to abduct one of The Pioneers for information on Jesse’s rebellion, Sizer contemplates the ways he could win Jesse’s attention.

    Cuts Marked in the March of Men
    The battle has begun between the URA and the rebellion, who are both fighting furiously. Many are killed or wounded and, amidst the battle, Chase is captured by the URA. In an attempt to gain the affections of Jesse, Sizer gives himself up in exchange for Chase’s release. The URA agrees to the deal and Sizer is taken away to Shylos Ten, a quiet planet where the URA performs its brutal interrogations.

    Three Evils Embodied in Love and Shadow
    On Shylos Ten, Sizer is tortured and interrogated by the URA in the hopes that he will give up information that could be used to defeat the rebellion. The URA drives a drill through his hands, blinds him and disassembles his body, though they finally realize he will not talk. His body is discarded in the streets of Shylos Ten and he’s left for dead. At some point Sizer is found by Claudio, Ambellina and presumably Jesse and he is reconstructed.

    The Crowing
    Claudio is woken up from his sleep by Ambellina, a member of the Prise who has been cast out in order to become Claudio’s guardian on his path to become The Crowing. He is told by Ambellina of their coinciding fates, and that he must rise up and meet his destiny. He is told that he, The Crowing, is responsible for the end of the Keywork as God’s riddle had mentioned. He also learns of his family’s fate, and though he is skeptical, he swears to hunt down Ryan and seek revenge.
    Blood Red Summer
    Jesse meets with Claudio to explain to him the events that took place on Hetricus and the meaning of his new destiny, as Claudio wasn’t necessarily inclined to believe Ambellina. Jesse explains the plan used against the Kilgannons to ensure that Wilhelm Ryan remained in command of the Keywork, and that his reign could no longer be threatened. Claudio struggles with all of the new information and, despite his intuition, asks what he did to deserve all of this.

    The Velourium Camper I: Faint of Hearts
    As a tactic to enter into and leave Shylos Ten undetected, the group is left stranded without a ship. They enlist the services of Al, a freighter pilot, to help them get off the planet aboard his ship, the Velourium Camper. As they travel together, the group gains some insight on Al’s character. A sharp shooter in his previous years, Al has an almost sexual obsession with his sniper rifle.

    The Velourium Camper II: Backend of Forever
    Ambellina’s presence on the Velourium Camper stirs up memories and Al begins to to think of past relationships. He obsesses over Ambellina, who tends to avoid interaction with him. He works up the situation in his head until he feels completely rejected by her, as he once was, and swears never to love again.

    The Velourium Camper III: Al the Killer
    On the ship, Ambellina stumbles across a closet full of dead bodies. They’re all white girls, and she learns that Al fantasizes about his affinity for killing them. Either because of his past relationship, or simply a fixation, he enjoys murdering them with his beloved sniper rifle.

    A Favor House Atlantic
    Al takes the group to Ryan’s headquarters, House Atlantic, and for reasons unknown appears to betray them by handing the group over to the URA. During time spent with Ambellina, however, Al developed an obsession with her and cannot stand turning her over. At the last minute, Al tries to help the group by covering them while the escape by offering to use his sharp shooting skills. Believing he’ll be killed, he says to Ambellina, “Bye bye, beautiful. Don’t bother to write,” in his last heroic stand.

    The Light and the Glass
    After escaping from House Atlantic on Jesse’s ship, the Grail Arbor, Claudio drifts off to sleep and dreams of Newo and the times they once shared. Because of his telepathic abilities, he is able to see her writing letters to him. He wishes that he had said a proper goodbye to her, and he dreams of what they would say to each other if they met again. His dream begins to change as he recalls what Jesse told him about the plot to destroy his family, and he imagines how the night would’ve been if he were home on time.

    Claudio’s dream continues, and shifts to a reenactment of what the night ten years ago would’ve been like if he had been home on time instead of out with Newo. He relives the experience from Everything Evil, and swears revenge for his family.
    willing91on May 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe comic book proves you wrong....you=lose
    brodsteron September 22, 2004   Link
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    General Commentcobaltandcalcium.com/story

    "The battle has begun between the URA and the rebellion, who are both fighting furiously. Many are killed or wounded and, amidst the battle, Chase is captured by the URA. In an attempt to gain the affections of Jesse, Sizer gives himself up in exchange for Chase’s release. The URA agrees to the deal and Sizer is taken away to Shylos Ten, a quiet planet where the URA performs its brutal interrogations."
    bambiiion May 25, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis I think is where newo Inken (claudios love affair) is captured by some sort of police/terrorist/u get it. and this song is where claudio finds out about it and hes askin himself what he should do about it. and ya idk if im right (prolly not) but thats how i see it.
    helloapolloon April 11, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI agree that it seems theat Newo was captured, but i think this is also a battle with himself. He doest want to be a part of this, but he is force into it, and inorder to achieve the ultamate good he has to engage in a mass slaughter that he doesnt believe in. I could be way off, but the immages this song gives me has more to do with claudio's side having the strength and power, but due to the moral problem they are having they dont want to kill, and it gives the other side an advantage. But that has nothing to do with the lyrics, that is jsut something weird that i got. So im most likely wrong.
    eternityawaitson April 15, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis is where the attack i mentioned in the previous song comes, im not gonna reetype the whole thing, so check that out before replying to/reading this. the chorus takes place after everything else in the song, so ignore those lyrics till the end. basically the forces (possibly the infamous Red Army) attack and Jesse's troops struggle to hold them off. The forces make it inside and kill the children. Jesse is enraged when he finds out and storms the enemies in an emotional last stand. At one point he sees that Chase, a girl he has dreamed about and secretly loved, was among the captured troops. He gives (something) to one of the troops to give to her (knowing that he will not survive), and turns himself over in exchange for the release of the prisoners/Chase. the opposing forces accept because Jesse is Coheed's brother. Next up, Jesse is interrogated and killed. Check out Three evils..
    s0fon April 16, 2004   Link
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    General CommentCoheed and Cambria is so amazing
    withyounearon April 17, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about one of the robots in the "bad" army. He develops feelings for this Chase girl, and doesn't have a will to fight anymore. He gets captured, and the details of the capture are in the next song.
    chrysamereon April 28, 2004   Link
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    General CommentTHERE WAS NO CHILDREN TO KILL!! Everyone is died but Jessie and Claudio and Claudio is in a shelter.
    brodsteron May 05, 2004   Link
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    General CommentYeah the children are already dead...I do believe the song they were killed in was Everything evil "jesse just come look at what your brother did here he did away with me" talking about coheed and what he has done...and at the end of that song you hear claudio escaping or something of that nature....i think
    Deathcab4Chrissyon May 18, 2004   Link

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