"To Die For" as written by Michael Hanmer and Michael Rainbow....
Tighten your tie boy.
You're something to die for.
But don't hold your breath now.
You're just killing time.

Tonight you can dream boy.
Imagine a whisper.
If you can keep secrets, then I'll tell you mine.
Remember a promise you couldn't hold on to.

Though it brings me to tears now, I need you to know.
Look in my eyes boy. Nothing like yours now.
It seems that a lifetime is passing us by.
So open your eyes.

This is forever but it won't last long.
This is a memory that fades away in neverending.
In the death of all that's long been said and done before, we'll wish that we were something more.

Stop wasting time boy.
You're late all your life boy.
They won't have the patience for someone like you.
Your memory's fading.

I'll love you forever.
I'll try to remember.
I'll try to hold on.
You're standing alone boy.

Waiting for dreams boy.
Waiting for something to make them come true.
Don't ever leave boy.
I'd miss you too much boy.
I'll never forget you, as long as I'm here.

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"To Die For" as written by Michael Rainbow Michael Hanmer

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    General CommentIt seems to be about a couple who has had a long past together. They're drifting apart and changing, but the girl still remembers how the boy used to be [You're something to die for].

    The boy is wasting away their relationship [You're just killing time].
    The girl realizes that although they used to be so similar, the boy has changed [Look in my eyes boy, nothing like yours now].

    Their relationship has lasted so long that they thought it would be forever, but it's ending [It seems that a lifetime is passing us by].
    Once again, forever isn't always infinite [This is forever but it won't last long].

    Now the boy is forgetting their memories and good times together [In the death of all that's long been said and done before].

    They want to go back to how they were, but the boy isn't doing anything to achieve it. [We'll wish that we were something more].

    The boy is still wasting their love away and not trying to fix things [Stop wasting time boy].
    The boy continues to forget about her and their life together [Your memory's fading].

    The girl still loves him despite everything [I'll love you forever]. She doesn't want to let go of the past [I'll try to remember]. She's trying to keep their relationship alive by herself [I'll try to hold on].

    However, she can't keep up a one-sided relationship, so it ends [You're standing alone boy].

    The boy still wishes they were together but, as always, he doesn't act upon it [Waiting for dreams boy. Waiting for something to make them come true].

    The girl holds onto her memories of the boy because that's all she has now [Don't ever leave boy, I'd miss you too much boy].
    She won't let her memories fade like the boy did [I'll never forget you as long as I'm here].
    shampoosuicideon August 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentJust like shampoosuicide said before, I do agree this is a story of love.
    At first:
    Tighten your tie boy
    I believe the tie is the biding of a relationship. The relationship is not together and is falling appart, and so she reminds him to "tighten it," as to not loose it.
    You’re something to die for
    She loves him to death with a deep caring love. I have heard of this expression many times, sometimes in poems. To die for a person for love.
    But don’t hold your breath now
    What I believe this is, is that he is scared of the relationship, so out of fear he holds his breath. This shows that, to a certain extend, he doesnt want anything.
    You’re just killing time
    He is just wasting time away with his fear.
    Tonight you can dream boy
    You can imagine (maybe imagine our live together).
    Imagine a whisper
    If you can keep secrets
    Then I’ll tell you mine.
    She will tell him how she feels, and she is doing so in a quiet whisper, and she will tell him her secrets, and also maybe her fears (what it will appear in the next stanza). This is a transitioin to the next part of the song.
    Remember a promise you couldn’t hold on to
    He broke a promise of love to her, and he was not able to fulfill it maybe bc of his fear.
    Though it brings me to tears now i need you to know
    She is sad bc she really does love him. Furthermore, she wants him to know how she feels as to maybe fix their love. She still has hopes.
    Look in my eyes boy
    Nothing like yours now
    She wants him to feel her love, yet his eyes are nothing like hers bc he does not truly love her. She loves him, he doesnt. Their eyes are different. In many cultures people tell how other people tell just by looking at their eyes. Like some of they say, our eyes give our soul away.
    It seems that a lifetime
    Is passing us by.
    The love looking at each other and they feel that a lifetime is passing by everytime they look at each other. They both feel something for each other.
    So open your eyes..
    This is the most beautiful part of the song, and also the most profound. She is telling him to open his eyes to what he is giving away, to open his eyes to the love she is giving him.
    This is forever but it won’t last long
    She is basicallyl saying, I thought that this love would last a forever, yet it will no longer be.
    This is a memory that fades away in neverending
    The memory of each other is fading away in time. It is still talking about time just like the line before. This is also part of what is said afterwards of their love. Of what he will regret later in life, when the memories of each other will haunt his life.
    In the death of all that’s long been said and done before,
    The death of all that he promised her and all the love words they told each other. Everything is dead now.
    We’ll wish that we were something more.
    Someday you will remember me again and you will wish we had something more. This is also part of previous lines when she sang about time and their love.
    Stop wasting time boy
    You’re late all your life boy
    Just like in the beginning of the song, he is wasting their love away, also their time. The theme of time is very important in this song. You have been always late in life, and once again you are late to get me back.
    They won’t have the patience
    For someone like you
    They in this case are other women who he will encounter in his life. They wont have the patience for someone who waits as much as he does. They wont have the patience she had for him.
    Your memory’s fading
    Time is passing by and he is forgetting the love he once had for her.
    I’ll love you forever
    I’ll try to remember
    I’ll try to hold on
    Yet, even though he is forgetting about her, she will never forget him. She will love him forever, and she will try to hold on to the memories she had of him.
    You’re standing alone boy
    She finally left him, and now he is alone.
    Waiting for dreams boy
    Waiting for something
    To make them come true
    Waiting for dreams of, maybe, the perfect girl and the perfect life. Yet he is still waiting for something to make them come true. Yet it may not appear.
    Don’t ever leave boy
    Dont go too far to look them, please dont leave me alone.
    I’d miss you too much boy
    I’ll never forget you
    "I will miss you too much if you leave me." Even though you left me/ our love didnt last, I will never forget you.
    As long as I'm here
    As long as she is alive she will never forget him.
    Wow that was long. I did this because this is my favorite song of one of my favorite bands. I believe this song is deep and beautiful. The love that once was but will never be again.
    GabrielleSon June 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHmmm. Very good song. Loves it.

    I think its about someone having such an effect on you and they dont realize it. You'd do anything for them, you'd wait forever for them to realize that.
    KillMeFasteron March 25, 2005   Link
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    General Commentshampoosuicide, thanks for the interpretation. This song has a lot of meaning to me...

    Stroaters and kimad, I like the change between albums... You're right that Nothing and Nowhere seemed to have more emotion, but I really like being able to hear Chibi's beautiful voice and actually hearing the lyrics in Walking With Strangers.
    silentstrangeron May 25, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationAlright, I see two possible interpretations of this.

    (1) The song is about the singer's first love.

    (2) The song is about a relationship that ends in the death of the person about whom the song was written.

    I could go through the song line-by-line, but that would take forever, so I won't. But that's how I see it.
    DementedVampiricZombieon January 14, 2012   Link
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    General Commentlovelovelove this song.
    HomerunHenryon September 23, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti adore this song
    Cure.on July 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIs it just me or is the version on "walking with strangers" lacks emotion compared with the original? It's just like... something's missing. Doesn't sound half as good.
    Stroaterson November 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt does to me, too. There's not *much* of a difference, but I still prefer the original Nothing and Nowhere version.
    kimadon November 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMaybe its a song from the point of view from the male who is hearing these words, because as she sings this song on both nothing and nowhere and walking with strangers she sounds like she wants to laugh, meaning to me that the boy has no remorse and he actually thinks the sittuation is humorous.
    fridakahloon December 02, 2008   Link

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