"The Suits Are Picking Up The Bill" as written by and James Mathus....
In a line at a cafe
I overheard a waitress say
'These cats is broke, I knows 'em
Through 'em out the doors and close 'em'

Still look saggy, for so low
This occupation's got to go
Up pulls the limo, up goes the thrill
The suits are picking up the bill

It's alright for them to tag along
It's just one bill their tagging on
I'll find some way to get along
The business suits to the rescue
So nice doing business with you
Do we really hate the clock
When we realize that 'Oh, their selling down for the deal'
The suits are picking up, the suits are picking up the bill

I cannot say from where I'm standing
My friends have passed out on the landing
Yes, one too many has left us high and dry
I've been feeling down, since the suits got back in town

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"Suits Are Picking up the Bill" as written by James Mathus

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    Song MeaningI think it's about a scam ! Go to the restaurant in the nicest clothes you've got, the suits come in in a limo - go up and shmooze with them a bit, to create the impression that you're with them. Then bail out, and stick them with the bill ! 'Its just one bill, they'll tack it on' Then hang out on the fire escape, drinking what you got left till you pass out ! Sounds like a night I wish I could have had with them !
    chicagogrooveson November 15, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationFWIW, I think this is the Zipper's comment on the music biz.

    Most pro musicians are broke as heck, but when you get picked up by a lable, the biz dudes ("Suits" being an anachronistic slang for "business person") pay your expenses. But they still want to hang out and party with the band.

    In the end, the narrator expresses remorse that, though they've been burned in the past and now they have carte blanche, he misses the old days (possibly because he and his friends are overdoing it, or because they need the Suits in order to do it).

    Otherwise, it about business dudes who want to party with these guys and basically buy their friendship.


    Best modern swing band EVER. Very raw and authentic, these guys are the punk rockers of swing. I never get tired of them, and am glad they're still around, even if it does seem take ages between album releases.
    MinuteWalton July 26, 2012   Link
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    General CommentWhat an awesome song. These guys are flat broked, and it's almost like they're saying that their imaginary friends are going to pay for them. Ha!!
    ye-interpreteron September 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt's about wealthy business men who show up as these guys are being escorted out of the restaurant (btw rjbucs28, you forgot "get 'em outta here" after "throw 'em out the door and close 'em", that's my favorite line lol) and offer to pick up their tab. It's amazing. Stuff like that should happen everyday.
    LadyMactanson January 03, 2008   Link

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