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Thanks for calling me an asshole
You did your job right
You want a major deal,
You've a fistfight
But I think you've misjudged me,
You're the wrong side
Any last regrets you're going down tonight
Think about us just a few years ago
Who would've thought you're gonna get this low
Am I the only one who's using his brain
Using sanity to reason without getting insane
Well fuck you
I'm throwing you a hitch bitch
You think running over my back could make you rich
And I even thought you's my friend
I picked you off the street,
Helped you pay the fucking rent
Well I gave you a choice and I guess I was wrong
To even gave you on,
'S going on to long
For way to long you've been sucking the bong
Hooking the pills too wasted to move your tongue

Well you said that you're at it
Then why the fuck I think you act it

Now what was that,
you want me to forgive you
Well I already forgave you one time
I want nothing to do with you
So now you think me evil say the devil is playing me
I don't believe in a god,
So he must be inside of me
I ain't no good Christian so forgiving ain't my game
You want abso(fucking)lution try asking a saint
You fucked me over
Time after time
Saying you 's done with that shit,
You were a friend of mine
You've fucked bad enough so I could write this rhyme
Yeah, bad enough, and just a waste of time

When I look in your eyes I feel nothing
I won't even get cold when you're shivering
I gave you up long, long ago
I gave you a choice but you've just said no

I'm going home, leave you alone
This is the last time that you have fucked me
I'm staying strong, let you go on
Pretending you're dead would be best for me

Now all serious, what do you expect from us
That we would roll on our backs,
Let her fuck us like dogs
We let her go no revenge and still you're calling us smugs
My inside is screaming knowing what to do
When I get my hands upon her she would be trough
'Cause I would take a needle and staple her eyes
Make her blind but let the ears remain fine
But I'm a reasonable man, so I let my inside my inside
Forget her live on keep my dignity aside
With no more hard feelings for a junky who's through
Nothing but misery for me and you so

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