And by the way you brought me here,
it makes me believe the best is still yet to come and I don't want to leave.
Forgive my hesitation but I'm learning to trust in you.
Help me to dream these dreams because I don't have a clue.

If you'd be honest and say what you mean
you know I would promise I'd do anything
because I know that without you I'm giving it away.

Is this what you wanted?
Cause I'm willing to change.
Now that I'm certain,
that there's much more to gain.
You've introduced me to the moment
oh but I'm looking to stay for good.
You've asked me to stay forever.
Well, you know that I would, I would do anything.

The nights are forever and maybe I'm wrong,
but it feels like I'm so lost without you.
So I step towards the heat, it's the way I can see,
and it makes me believe that it's you.

And by the way you brought me here
it makes me believe the best is still yet to come
and I don't want to leave, I won't, but anyway...

The nights are forever,
I can't get to sleep cause I know there's a reason.
I'm in this too deep
and I'm sure that without you,
I'm giving it away. Yeah.

Giving it away...

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Giving It Away song meanings
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    General Commentthis song is about someone who's in love with a girl and he would do anything to be with her, and he doesn't want to live without her. pretty self explanatory.
    its a really sweet song... reminds me of jimmy eat world
    Incubus17on June 29, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti remember listening to this song driving to my best friends house. i was going there because i knew our friendship was ending and i just wanted to let her know that i was going to be there if she was. but she wasnt. and this song just meant a lot to me cause i think not only can it be applied to a relationship...but also friendship.
    makemebelieveon October 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI am listening to this song as i type it out and i feel like this song is about a someone who is totally in love with this other person they would do anything for them and they lye awake at night thinking about them and how empty they feel without them. " if youd be honest and say what you mean, you know i would promise, id do anything" i think there he is telling her to be honest and tell him how she really feels and if she is he will give her all of him. i know exactly how he is feeling....:-/
    Mae is SPECTACULAR <3
    NMLon October 22, 2004   Link
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    General Commentlyrics dont always come at me at once. i guess and i mean actually taking the situation in hand at the very moment you listen or the many times after you listen. but, just now the meaning of this song really hit me hard.

    i love this song, i think its spectacular.
    LoveIsARoseon April 16, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti'm pretty sure this song isn't written to a girl but to God.
    dansr20deton May 02, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti agree totally with dansr, just because i felt the whole relationship with God thing in this song this morning on my way to school, and i totally relate to this song.

    i think that the song is about having been given a great blessing, or a problematic blessing--a blessing in disguise, if anything...and this blessing, through all of the trials and tribulations of it, brings you closer to God through faith.

    i think the "if you'd be honest..." lines regard the doubt that comes with being a new christian, the beginning of having real faith in the Lord...but despite the hesitance, you're still willing to believe in Him, because that belief gives life meaning.

    the "is this what you wanted..." part starts with whatever blessing has been given, and the willingness to accept Jesus in your life, and realizing how good life is once you've accepted Him into your heart.

    the "nights are forever..." part, i think that "the night" is an allusion to everything that is unknown, and that God will be the guide to light the path (the heat=the Sun).

    that's just my interpretation...i could have been reading into this WAAAY TOO DEEPLY, but, i'm entitled to my opinion.
    saintnateon May 05, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti can very well understand the interpretation of this song being about god. i can actually see a bunch fo their songs being about god. but whenever i hear this song i always end up thinking about somebody finally letting go and being themselves.
    getupkid191on September 20, 2004   Link
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    General Commenthmm, i never thot about it being about God. i like that idea. mae rocks!
    dpaslon January 14, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIs this what you wanted?
    Cause I'm willing to change.
    Now that I'm certain,
    That there's much more to gain.

    that is the best line. ever.

    well, according to me, as of now ;P
    reesespieceson February 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentForgive my hesitation but I'm learning to trust in you.
    ..:) this song helps me living something in my life right now..haha..these excact lyrics are so true for me..:)
    lilika190989on March 01, 2005   Link

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