"Believe" as written by Benjamin Eric Harper, William Ryan Key, Peter Michael Mosely, Longineu Warren Iii Parsons and Sean Michael Wellman-mackin....
Think about the love inside the strength of heart
Think about the heroes saving life in the dark
Climbing higher, through the fire
Time was running out
Never knowing you weren't going to be coming down alive
But you still came back for me
You were strong and you believed

Everything is going to be alright
Everything is going to be alright
Everything is going to be alright
Be strong, believe
(Be strong, believe)

Think about the chance I never had to say
Thank you for giving up your life that day
Never fearing, only hearing voices calling out
Let it all go, the life that you know
Just to bring them down alive
And you still came back for me
You were strong and you believed

Everything is going to be alright
Everything is going to be alright
Everything is going to be alright
Be strong, believe

Want to hold my wife when I get home
Want to tell my kids they'll never know
How much I love to see them smile
Want to make a change right here, right now
Want to live a life like you somehow
To make your sacrifice worth while

Everything is going to be alright
Everything is going to be alright
Everything is going to be alright
Be strong, believe

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"Believe" as written by William Ryan Key Benjamin Eric Harper

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    General Commentok this is going to be long.
    i just created an acccount so that i could comment on this song.

    first off, this song is amazing, no questionning, even though i didn't know anyone up there in the twin towers it means so much to me and everytime i hear it i cant help the tears crawling down my face, even when im just walking down a road and it comes on my mp3 ill get so upset and yet so joyful at the same time, it gives me so much hope for the human race in general, showing that there are some people willing to give their life for people they don't even know. Yet at the same time 9/11 showed the worse in the human race by the people that crashed the planes.

    only 20 people were pulled out of the rubble alive in ground zero.

    yellowcard's violinist was in the building that day and the firefighter that lead him to the exit kept saying 'everything's gonna be alright' and later on that day the firefighter died, this song is a tribute to him and they are saying that because that firefighter gave up his life for him, he has to do something good with his life and he wishes he could just say thankyou. The violin in this song is amazing. can you imagine that feeling? knowing that someone who had just saved you died and you didnt even get to thank him?

    Imagine the person you love the most in this world, get a picture of them in your head, think of all the good things they've done for you and remember all the good times you've had with them, an uncountable number of people would have said goodbye to this person in the morning, this person would have gone off to work, gone off to work, and never came back, can you even imagine that? its practically impossible to imagine but it happened to so many people on 9/11 and it would have been more if it wasnt for the heroes of the day and yellowcard are thanking that.

    there were 4 planes hijacked and supposed to hit buildings on the 9th of september 2001, two hit the twin towers, one on each, and one hit the pentagon and the other landed in a field. This is because some really heroic passengers on that plane knew they were going to die anyway, so somehow took over the plane and crashed in a field instead off another building, so therefore saving billions of people. and to think that we call footballers or actors heroes, that is what you call a true hero, and it makes me just want to scream and cry and hit everything simply because, it's not fair, why do the good have to die?

    The firefighters were taking their job to the extreme, they didn't have to risk their lives to save others, but they did, because they believed.

    'Wanna hold my wife when I get home
    Wanna tell the kids they'll never know how much I love to see them smile
    Wanna make a change or two right now
    Wanna live a life like you somehow
    Wanna make your sacrifice worthwhile' This part of the song completely sums it up for me, saying there gonna be thankful for the things they have, like their family aand allways let them know how much they love them. Then saying that they have to make it up by making a difference like the firefighter that saved him did.

    refering back to the song, the speech under the song is taken from a speech at ground zero, so without a doubt it is about 9/11 but some of the lyrics sot of remind me of a christian meaning about jesus dying on the cross for our sins, so everything is gonna be alright and also, living in the image of christ, wanting to be like christ 'wanna live a life like you somehow'.

    the last bit saying 'they can never forget' is true, it can never be forgotten, ever.

    I'm sorry for the wishywashyness off this comment but theres so many things i want to just scream out but i cant put it into words, and ive only just started with this little bit. This is my ultimate favourite song and its so hard to explain what i feel and this kinda just sums it up, with some hope.

    god bless the heroes
    BoomBethBang*-*on December 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwell made song, one of the best on the cd :)
    soad127on May 22, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis is a better thing to write about besides whining about some bitch leaving you.
    tommyhaychon May 27, 2004   Link
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    General CommentHangoverv, you have got to be joking. I think you have blurred the lines between trying to capitalize off a tragedy and trying to say "thank you" to all those who helped. Apparently you think nobody should write a book, song, poem, or hell even talk about it since they might make money. It's not like Yellowcard is singing a song about how cool it was to see the buildings fall. They're saying Thank You.
    shyzerDOTcomon September 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentNot only was this not a song meant to capitalize on a national tragedy, it was an amazingly written song and a great tribute. By the way, Yellowcard sent free copies of this song to many of the firefighters and their families who were involved with 9/11. Very selfless act on there part, and it just earns them even more respect in my book.
    failurbydesign84on October 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so uplifting. It makes you feel as if you never have to worry about anything....."Everything is gonna be alright"~bp
    pianopunk22on October 26, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI was listening to this song on my mp3 player when I went to visit ground zero on sunday.
    UsagiChuon January 05, 2005   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is beyond amazing. Everything it stands for, everything it can be seen as. As far as I know, the story about Yellowcard's violinist being in one of the towers on the 11th of Septemeber and this song being a tribute to the firefighter who pulled him out is true. This song is so strong, so inspirational and gets me thinking (personally) about how valubale life is. And how we need to take every chance we get to "Make your sacrifice worthwhile" which can also be a reference to Christ and his sacrifice on the cross.

    The talking part in this song, near the end, is part of a speech given on the one year anniversary of the 9/11 attack. This song is absolutely beautiful and I used it's lyrics to support a very good friend of mine who battled cancer last year. Even though she is no longer with us, I still listen to this song often to remind myself to Stay Strong and I always think of my friend when I hear it. I also think of the sacrifices mad eon the day of 9/11. I was 6 hours away from New York City and 9 years old. I wasn't extremely close to the city, and I didn't know anyone in the towers, but I know people who did. It was a horrible loss, and that day united America so much that a lot of other people began to see exactly what this song is talking about.

    Yellowcard is an amazing band and this song, those who were lost on September 11th, 2001 will never be forgotten for their bravery, sacrifice or contribution to this world.
    MusicIsMySoulfireon July 17, 2009   Link
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    General Commentdude isnt it "wanna make a change right here right now" idk but thats what i hear...
    ruufeeohhon July 02, 2003   Link
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    General Commentamazing song about 9/11
    TheSheriffon July 07, 2003   Link

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