I can see him walkin into class
They are all starin and at some point a couple mother fuckers start to laugh
They talkin about what they doin to they friends
Cus they all afraid of whats gon happen in the end
Now my ears keep ringin only meanin that the devil sings
And prays on broken wings
I'm not a new thing consumated out of hate
I've been assembled and created by all of the things you hate
I'm uncontrollable but still i get the last laugh
I got your presidents head inside my garbage bag
Be warned everybody cus the words out
My last warning was last year the words out
I take revenge of the american muse
And fire bomb on your campain boost from house roots
And thats the truth as only Twiztid can tell
Make sure its all covered cus the world is hell
The world is hell I'm feelin what you sayin
But your fakin all that hopin and stayin as if its changin
The world is hell but change must come from within
Speakin your mind is that another sin from within(2x)
Lets begin with the way that we act death and destruction
Realize with an axe killing is a function
Taught to the world that your better then the mind
That through television to the age of 9 is solidified
Little time bombs just waiting to explode
On the whole world turning the world into a hole
And its your fault so many young are dumb
And turn to drugs and be like fuck an education
The homeless starving strung out and dying
Feeding out of garbage cans barely surviving
A lost generation
Stuck somewhere between the real of the mind and imagination
Some call it hell
Livin life everyday maybe this is hell
Evils everywhere and anyway if you're good youll go to heaven
And if your not you'll be destined to stay alive till the year 2057
Sit alone and watch the world fall down
Everybody gather round all the others are gagged and bound
I found a way to display my strange love
In a way that'll leave the rest of the world numb
DESTRUCTION without a story to tell
And I'm a turn you to the books next page as well
So keep your third eye on all agains of this cell
Because your dealin with the snakes in this world of hell
And its your fault that we cuss and pants sag
And our souls are vacuum packed in space saver storage bags
Go with disposable throw me away
And I'll multiply to 7 and return on the sixth stage
5 ways 5 fingers to form a fist
Heaven gave us what we want so they can hate us just for taken it
Murder and death another story to tell
Because demons are everywhere and the world is hell

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Tha World Is Hell (featuring Esham) song meanings
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    General Commentgod dammit, why are Esham's lyrics not included in this???

    What's the price of betrayal? Pushing D12 through Hell
    Time'll tell if I'm nailed to a cross like Christ
    Murder's on the mind of many mothafuckas at night
    Stevie Wonder wouldn't wanna see the shit that's in sight
    The World is Hell, the day the Twin Towers fell
    The day the Titanic set sail, the anthrax mail
    But who you gonna tell? Nobody's listening nitro-glycerin
    Pistols popping and bullet's whistling, the music's twisted
    Helluva heavenly, for ever but don't miss it
    The World is Hell, two blocks away from where I sleep
    Now I lay me down to sleep, my soul the angel's they keep
    The World is Hell... The World is Hell...

    seriously...these lyrics are about CONSPIRACY THEORY
    "The World is Hell, the day the Twin Towers fell
    The day the Titanic set sail, the anthrax mail"
    "So keep your third eye on all agains of this cell"
    is a reference to the "third eye" of enlightenment, or, the Illuminati.

    one of my favorite songs,
    vlotusvon September 08, 2007   Link

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