Bitter X it must feel better Holding that grudge It's a feeling so familiar Not unlike love Unrequited she's scarred in hatred Yesterday's moving [repeat] It's easier to locate A better nest Tell them you never lived in such a mess Emily at her best in black Reminds them all to stand back At a distance they won't notice the act All that she lacks You can see up close she's bitter Remembering wasted dinners Can't expect the creep to stay long But he's not the one who pissed her off Today is denial [repeat] It's easier if she won't See him again He's just another trip best forgotten Emily may be odd But she always gets even It's not unlike love Emily will find him again Another short-term boyfriend Emily, you'll always be alone Tomorrow is heartbreak [repeat] So bitter X I'm sorry Sorry I bit that hook I'm just a bad clich in your black book

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Tomorrow Is Heartbreak song meanings
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    General CommentWorst song off Blaze
    sebe17on July 06, 2003   Link
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    General CommentSOOOO NOT TRUE
    craigsbrotheron May 11, 2004   Link
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    General Commentbest song off Blaze(next to lullaby ;))
    ataridcon May 29, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about depression through many bad boyfriends and break ups. Im not sure but maybe theres an eating disorder like bulimia- "remembering wasted dinners" because of a sexual assult or rape or something along those lines- "Can't expect the creep to stay long But he's not the one who pissed her off". By spellin ex with a cross "X" it sorta points out that theres something wrong with her. i dunno but the lyrics kinda say that this is wat love is- "its not unlike love" maybe thats just like taking the good with the bad or something...iv just confused myslef!!!!
    wotsthatpunkysmellon April 11, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAs someone who has been a bitter loser over a relationship before those first two lines, particularly the part about bitterness being a lot like love is true as fuck. Luckily I grew my balls back and stopped acting like a fag over some worthless cunt!
    dougbrancheson July 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a girl he dated. After the relationship was over, he realizes that shes the kind of girl that moves from shitty relationship to shitty relationship no matter how much of a creep the guy is. Rather than staying in committed relationships, she moves on to a "better nest" since its easier to just forget the past and tell people it never happened (tell them you never lived in such a mess).

    Once the second part of the song begins, Joey talks about how she keeps even her closest friends far away because she doesn't want them to see her for what she really is. She knows deep down that she's shit and her situation is shit.

    The last part of this song talks about the kind of guys she dates. They're all assholes and creeps, and even though she sees this, she'll be back with another one just like him. As a result she'll never be truly happy. In the last lines of the song, Joey understands that he was just like the rest of them. And he's sorry for himself that he fell for it (sorry i bit that hook).

    Overall its a great song that says a lot. However i could easily see this as a social commentary about today's girls as well. How girls date who date assholes let their bfs get away with anything and they sit there and let the cycle happen over and over again. They do nothing to help this and they will always be alone for it
    bigchez247on June 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a girl who goes through guys on a short term basis, "locate a better nest" as she is done with this fella and now get a new one

    "So bitter X I'm sorry Sorry I bit that hook I'm just a bad clich in your black book"n as in he is just another one on this list she has been through
    lovethyrum101on December 19, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI think the commenters thus far have been a little off, and I think this song is more straightforward than you're making it out to be - it's less about the girl per se and more about Joey's process of grief.

    "Yesterday's moving" aka distancing himself from the situation ("It's easier to locate a better nest / Tell them you never lived in such a mess"), "Today is denial" aka denying his previous feelings or that he's jealous of the new love interest ("Can't expect the creep to stay long / But he's not the one who pissed her off") then "Tomorrow is heartbreak" aka acceptance, where the song gets a little more vindictive as he's crushed by the situation ("Emily you'll always be alone"). After acceptance, he wishes it never happened at all ("Sorry I bit that hook").

    Side note: who is Emily? Is Emily "E" from "E Dagger"? She's also referenced in Name Dropping off of Hoss ("Emily had sex with Joey").
    Haanzon January 17, 2012   Link

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