Breaking down in surround Alarms are deafening Alone in immersion Drowning in the dream Billions in the shadow Of one you won't deceive All we know is failure All we have is us How can I forgive you? For breaking our last trust Billions of sincerities And one you will believe You have to honor me [repeat] Our lives are incomplete Without our honesty Our honesty Breaking down the numbers Eliminate the waste Nothing's ever perfect Forget about disgrace Fuck the purist. Fuck the tourist Fuck the bourgeoisie You have to honor me I have to honor you Our lives are incomplete Without our honesty My life is incomplete Without our honesty Honesty

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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite songs by Lagwagon, but it's hard to figure out the meaning. The invasion of Iraq came a few months before this album was released. I think the song has 2 possible meanings, blurring them together. The possible political message is the singer asking why the president, or the government in general, has betrayed the people. He's asking why there is no trust and no honesty in the relationship to the people. Then, the song goes into the "fuck the tourist", criticizing the foreign ones who attack them, "fuck the purist", possibly referencing racists of some sort, and "fuck the bourgeisie" is everyone else, which is "justifying" the person.

    The song could also reference a relationship that failed due to the lack of trust. The tourist is someone new to relationships, the purist is a traditional person and the bourgeisie is everyone else. He's basically telling anyone attacking their relationship to fuck off.
    epicmikenomoreon June 18, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionI think the second meaning given by epicmikenomore is how the song is usually taken. Like most lagwagon songs if you strip them down to their basic meanings they are about relationships. Even the interpretation involving Bush/Iraq is placing the basic relationship structure of the song over that specific relationship (people/government).

    So I think this song is about a relationship based on trust. He's fleshing out how he feels about this - showing signs of desperation and despair along with a will to keep things together and acknowledgement of the good that is already there.

    Beautiful song lyrically, and musically it fucking rocks. One of the best on Blaze.
    BrooksBonkoskion April 23, 2012   Link

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