"Stand" as written by Lester A Mendez and Jewel Kilcher....
Walk in a corner shop
See a shoplifting cop
See the old lady with a gun
See the hero try to run
Nothing's what it seems, I mean
It's not all dirty, but it's not all clean
There's children paying bills
There's monks buying thrills
There's pride for sale in magazines
There's pills for rent to make you clean
Marvin Gaye, there's no brother, brother
Woody Guthrie's land can't feed Mother


Mothers weep, children sleep
So much violence ends in silence
It's a shame there's no one to blame
For all the pain that life brings
If you will just take me It might just complete me
And together we can make a stand

A waitress brings me lunch
We meet but do not touch
On TV, D.C. is selling lies
While in the corner, King's dream dies
Go to the counter, pay for me and my friend
A homeless man pulls out a roll, says it's on him
The mayor has no cash
He said he spent it on hookers and hash


You will love me, I will love you


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"Stand" as written by Paul Stanley Gene Simmons


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    General CommentI really like this song and I think that it makes a good point. Let's do some analysis. Basically, in the first verse she is making a general statement about human nature these days. She sees a cop, who is supposed to be the epitome of safety and righteousness, shoplifting. An old lady, who should be the most harmless thing in the world, totes a gun. A hero, who is supposed to be the one to save everyone, can't even help. Instead, they run away. She then comments about how everything isn't perfect even though it's not all bad. There are kids playing bills and people buying pride and nobody is unified.
    In the chorus, Jewel basically expresses her feelings about the current situations (war, for the most part) in the world. "Mothers weep, children sleep, so much violence ends in silence" - I think that this means that children are being killed, mothers are crying, basically people are dying left and right, and from all of this violence nobody does anything, nobody takes a stand and it continues to happen. Nobody gets the blame, and the pain cannot be stopped. Jewel wishes to make a stand against this with someone.
    The second verse is much like the first, commenting on humanity again. "A waitress brings me lunch, we meet but we do not touch" - I think that's a powerful line. In modern society we almost don't have time for each other, there is no gentle conversation or an exchange of smiles for now reason. Jewel also brings more politics into the mix, saying that she feels that D.C. (most likely the Bush administration) sells lies to the people. "While in the corner, King's dream dies" - this refers to Martin Luther King's dream speech, and she's probably saying that racism is still a large problem in the world, thus killing King's dream of racial equality. Also, in this world the homeless man has more money and kindness than the mayor, who would rather spend his money on drugs and hookers than more important things.
    nothingelsecompareson September 24, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI really love this song, its so true. I think if she did a folky acoustic version of this, like she did for fragile heart, it would sound really really good.
    coolnuts5on June 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI love this song, and the film clip. And Jewe's voice...she sings it so well.

    I agree with nothingelsecompares on the analysis except for the first verse, where it says 'See the hero try to run'. I don't think that's about some random guy who's suppossed to be heroic, I think it means the Cop is running away after seeing the lady with a gun.

    I also like how in the film clip, the cop is seeing to be chatting up some girl (possibly a hooker?) while another one goes and gives the money back.
    mysweetsanityon August 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI like this song too. I agree with coolnuts5. I think this song would be great (and probably alot better if it was done in an acoustic folk version). But thats just my two cents.
    cjk16on November 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI like this song too. I agree with coolnuts5. I think this song would be great (and probably alot better if it was done in an acoustic folk version). But thats just my two cents.
    cjk16on November 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song has a strong sociological, and maybe even political, message.

    Because our society tends to look at things with optimism, it usually overlooks reality. Sure, things don't seem all bad, but they're not exactly peachy ("It's not all dirty but it's not all clean"). To add to that, there's deception everywhere, in magazines, advertisements, even in authority figures.

    The chorus has a sense of hopelessness to it. Sad, but it's what's portrayed in real life. "Mothers weep" probably refers to the drama parents go through, specifically those who live in meager conditions. Women whose husbands drink, beat them, or have outright left them. Those who barely have enough money to survive. Their "children sleep", too young and therefore oblivious to these emotional stressors that their parents experience day after day.
    chattereron March 06, 2009   Link

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