maryjane, I love the maryjane
maryjane, I love the maryjane
maryjane, I love the maryjane

cause I'm in love with maryjane, yeah
cause I'm in love with maryjane, yeah
cause i'm in love with maryjane
she's my main thing
she gets me so excited
she makes my heart sing
oh when I'm feeling low
it comes to no surprise
takes me to lovin' maybe
takes me to paradise
I'm in love with maryjane

do ya think I would never share my thing
please don't play no games

because I love the marijuana
grow the marijuana
get the marijuana when I muthafuckin wanna
hit the marijuana
flame the marijuana
cuddle the marijuana (?spanish)

I wanna get high like a fuckin (?spanish)
that means butterfly
for me do glide
spark a blunt while my homies take a ride
hot damn here I am with the weed
thank god for the buds to the stems to the seeds
cause if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be smokin'
natural earth when the earth we would have been chokin'
so here's my papers homes, roll it up (what)
here's a lighter homes, fire it up
smell the smoke, take a toke, go for broke
inhale, exhale, this weeds no joke

(?spanish) don't fuck with my (?) cause I'll shoot ya
mm, I love it
why not, smoke it in public
fuck it I do it anyway
in the park after dark
or in the alley way
everytime I hit the blunt I grunt
lemon-lime dimes the kind I want
push my way up to the front
commense the stem choppin
I'm flame hockin'
while the seeds poppin'
and the beats knockin'
(?) grain off a wake and bake
feelin something sinister
(?) in the swisher
niggers chiefin' every weekend
cause I roll slow burners
big blunt, bong, and penner hitters
deep long hits make the session pleasent
did I mention it just ain't right without the resin
upon my burnt finger tips and lips
everymorning waking up roasting roaches
I can't get enough of this sticky green stuff
look me up I'm in the barber shop
I got the hidden room smoking forbiden fruit
fuckin' up my air supply
lungs lookin' like prunes
turnin' my holy temple into a temple of boom
while listenin to tunes
grab it when they pass it so I know it's a habit
can't stand a baby sittin stingy gut
kisses and hugs from the bitches and thugs
when I'm twisten the bud
even with the inflow I'm hittin with my kinfolk, yeah
breakin in garages flamin a light out, marijuana
that's right, marijuana for everybody
smoke till you choke, no doubt

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