In one flash
I am returned again
It's just something you can't see
The single thing
I fear the most within
Gathers slowly up inside me
Ready to take me

I can feel it burning up inside my head
When I lose in wanting everything I said
Who will there be waiting
As this silence followed
Leads me to its end

My only game to win
Brings a prize I can't defend
And in your place
No new instructions sent
Got no plans for where I'm going
No memory where I've been

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    General CommentAs with most Iris songs, I'd venture that this is about a relationship, one that was ended but not by the speaker. Maybe they kept a friendship, or some sort of relationship (maybe a business one?) and he finds himself falling in to old habbits. Inside his head he constantly has to fight his desire and his fear. Doing nothing is killing him, but doing something and failing could be even worse. The end is especially powerful, "and in your place, no new instructions sent / got no plans for where I'm going / no memory where I've been" Now that she isn't as involved with him, he feels entirely lost and helpless, just continuing forward because thats the way everybody else is going, but not exactly sure of himself. He doesn't even remember how he got here or why things have worked out in such a way. Most importantly, though, is the question of "who will there be waiting when this silence follows" Not only is he asking who he will have to stand beside, but he is scared about who he himself will be when the ordeal passes.
    jokeR`afkon June 06, 2004   Link
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    General Comment
    my impression is that this song is about the narrator's greatest fear: losing something by wanting it (too much).

    "lose in wanting" = having the object of desire slipping from his grasp, even after having committed 100% to obtaining/attaining it, and then afterward regretting that maybe he could have gotten it if only he hadn't tried "too" hard or wanted it "so" much.

    the reason he wouldn't have a plan where he's going or memory where's he's been is that he's spent so much time and emotional effort wanting something, that he never thought beyond that. no plan B, and no recollection of where he's been b/c he's been thinking of nothing but the thing he wants.

    imagine if you put so much into getting something, and end up with nothing to show for it. scary and heartbreaking.

    i don't get the sense from the lyrics that it's necessarily about a relationship. I think it's meant to be about losing something, anything, in a broader sense. the fear is that he will lose it by wanting it too much. the "you" is whatever object of desire, e.g., fame, love, a red Mustang.

    mliem411on July 01, 2011   Link

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