A picture on the wall, like a postcard with a better view of all things still absent from room 209. Diana sips from an empty glass of hope she poured last night. The clouds above reflect the shape of all she's gotta leave behind. We always think there's something better in the place where we are not. In dreams, the reality of it all. Nobody's happy where they're at and we all want to be somebody else. Another scribbled stationary book of lies. Another staged confession that just goes unheard. Harry Detroit in 304 made one last promise now, "I'm going out without a trace, a vanishing act before your eyes." Nobody wants what they have got and what they got is not enough. In dreams, the reality of it all. A lighter shade of green the grass may be if I believe it's so. Then I'll be home. Here I go, uncertain that what I find is what I want. The best for me is everything. I reach for the same as I what I'm running from. I guess I'll never know. Is it the struggle that we live for? Is it keepin us alive to breathe, to want, to know, to love? Just one more day, just one more way. So here I go, I'm half the way to home.

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    General Commentone of the best songs ever written in my opinion. I think it's about people who'll always be wanting more, even when they've achieved their previous goal, there'll always be a higher one to pursuit, whether it's materialistic or a higher job or whatever..
    Artuson May 05, 2004   Link
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    General CommentPeople come and go in our lives, at any point. One motel has a thousand stories. From point A to point B a motel in the middle... so many people, so much shit. And he'll be home, he's halfway there, stopped in the crossroads of these people. Starts to think about life, nobody knows what they want, people fool themselves. Why are we here? to love? - "Nobody wants what they have got and what they've got is not enough..." damn.
    HighwayDonkeyon October 09, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"Is it the struggle that we live for?
    Is it keeping us alive
    To breathe,
    To want,
    To know,
    TO LOVE?"

    That was written on the whiteboard in my room and stayed there for months straight.
    SvZExceptedon August 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is not only Amazing to listen to but these lyrics are just incredible. It's is almost as if he's is on his way home, and of course he has stopped at a hotel and then time just freezes and he is able to just sit back and look at all the people and their stories. It is like he has an epiphony and he realizes what the people and the world are really about. By the end all he can focus on is how he is halfway there and all he wants to do is get home.
    SidewalkStateon February 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is simply about getting lost in life, and all of the thoughts and actions that are attached to the process. Instead of just laying out the struggle from a personal perspective, Jason describes it as a problem that everyone has; or, in this case, as a place that everyone gets to: the Lost Motel. The lost part is pretty self-explanatory, but describing the place as a "motel" shows that he sees it as a temporary place (most people check in and out of motels). People either find the answers they're looking for, check out and keep moving down the road, check out permanently (suicide), or they rot in the lost motel and often engage in self-destructive behaviors, as illustrated by the two people he describes in the song. It's a great metaphor, and very true to life.
    BoyAfraidon June 14, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationI remember when I first heard this song before American Paradox came out.....I was really upset that it didn't make it to the album, but the song still remained in my top 5 favs by Strung Out. The harmonies and simplicity of the chorus always hit a note with me that was hard to let go. I have to agree with BoyAfraid's interpretation of this song. If not direct suicide by checking out, maybe indirectly by chemical or alcohol overdose. If you've ever been in a run down, wrong side of town lost motel....you're usually not there for business or pleasure. You're there because you need a wake up call to change your life around. But like mentioned before, a very good metaphor.
    clicheinsortson March 31, 2009   Link

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