Tea: Twang, twang twang twang...

Matt: Okay, so, we're done, right?

Jono: Hang on, I gotta get that other guitar bit done up...

(Sound of Jono playing his guitar)

Tea: Hold on, hold on, are we happy with what we did?

(Guitar stops)

Jono: No.

Matt: Why not?

Jono: We fucked it up

Sean: Anyone seen my Coke? I lost it again...

Tea: What did we fuck up?

Jono: My playing sucked on those last two tracks, your
voice sounds like it's going to crack...

Matt: Mine? Or his?

Sean: Both, probably...

Tea: You know what? Far as I'm concerned, we're done.

(Yells out) We're done Chris!

Jono: No, guys...

Chris: Fine. Well, you can go now.

Matt: Right.

Jono: No, hang on, we can't just fuck off yet....

Matt: Why not?

Tea: We fucking can, and we fucking will...

(Sound of footsteps leaving, a door opening and closing)

Jono: Guys! Fellas! C'mon.... ahhh...

Chris: You can go too, now, Jon.

Sean: Screw this, I'm going to get food.

Jono: Fine.

(Repeat sound of footsteps, and door opening and closing. The cricket-chirping silence noise- think Daffy Duck greeting an audience- then starts up, and fades the track out)

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