"I Never Play Basketball Now" as written by and Paddy Mcaloon....
I'm not looking to disturb you,
Just a little to unnerve you.
I have nothing about games
And always looking back.
After the last unholy row
I never, ever play basketball now.
It joins a list of things I'll miss
Like fencing foils and lovely girls
I'll never kiss.

Leave it behind on an overcrowded desk
Where the in-tray is higher
Than the OUT ever will be.
Before the tea rooms fill
With flirting couples call.
Remember to call.
And FLOW, it skips like a river
And it rolls flow,
You'll swear it's a chapel
Isn't that so?
Think of all the things that grew here,
Long before we moved here
All of it good and strong,
And all of it gone.

After that last unholy row
I never, ever play, basketball now
It joins the list of things I'll miss
Like fencing foils, and lovely girls
I'll never kiss.
You may say I've got plenty,
But no one knows how long
Things stay big Roger D.

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"I Never Play Basketball Now" as written by Paddy Mcaloon

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    General CommentI think the singer is talking to his girlfriend/wife and how he's expected to give up his needs/hobbies/interests and submit to her will and commitment.

    They had a fight and he is now not supposed to have any hobbies like fencing or basketball. And things are exclusive, no more other pretty girls--just her. Oh, yeah, he's also supposed to stay in that boring drugery job that pays well, where the "IN" tray is always higher than the "out" tray. She needs that super great job so she can pay for their house in the country that destroyed all the plants and wildlife that were living there before.

    Just as building the house in the country killed all the healthy and alive things that used to live there, their relationship has killed the things that were alive and worthwhile in his life.

    It's a great song about an unpleasant and unhealthy relationship. I've seen friends get into relationships and marriages that were like this where the wife became "mommy" and the husband always had to give in to her needs and ask permission for everything in his life from her.
    sbfisheron July 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI got into this album via the music first. The vibe always seemed to improve my mood and often I felt like singing along with all the tunes and dance a little. Listening to it just felt good. The lyrics seemed cryptic whenever I tuned in to listen to the words, though there would always be a memorable line I'd pick up along the way. But I was much too happy just bathing in the music to focus on 'meaning' ;)

    Once I did, I keep finding valuable advice and reminders in many of the songs. This one reminds me to live more and let go of things that pull me back and throw me off track when I could just as well be moving on. I remember a line from another song 'Nobody likes to be told' I think it went. I feel the opening lines are written in a sentiment that is sort of respectful of that, like a friend telling you something you don't want to hear but need to be told. Maybe the following lines mean it's a serious person talking ('no kidding' :)), or it's actually about the basket ball game. I imagine it was a game that ended in a row, maybe because of a sore loser or a dispute about some judgement. Anyway, it's just a game. No need to start a war over such a thing. So he decides not to play basket ball anymore. He likes the game, but not the unhealthy competitiveness. Like he did with fencing. Like he was able to get over unrequited love. Lovely girls he sure would have liked to kiss, but it didn't work out so he moved on.

    Just one of many files that life throws on an overcorwded desk full of tiny notes to get hung up on. Besides the unhappy stuff, there's so much to take in, so much to experience in life, you will never even be able to tell all of it or express as much (out) as you take in. So really try to live your life. It flows like a river and skips and rolls. And when you flow with it, you're at peace with yourself, like in a chapel (or any other place/setting that makes you feel quiet and filled with a good, comfortable feeling). Flow, because life is short, and nothing lasts forever. So many great things have come and gone before us. So many lives have been lived, good and strong lives, but they're gone now. So he doesn't want to get stuck thinking about the past, and argue over friendly basket ball games and sports, or mourn all the relations that somehow didn't happen,... We might tell him he's got plenty, plenty of time. But how can we/he know? Nobody knows when it's over, how long things stay big.

    It has sort of a similar theme as Lucille #1, perhaps. Anyway, that's just what I hear in it, which helps me, so I'm glad I had the chance to come across these songs.
    jottopelellhaon June 22, 2012   Link

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