"Insanity's Crescendo" as written by Mikael Bengt Stanne, Anders Jivarp, Niklas Bo Sundin, Martin Henriksson and Fredrik Johansson....
Gently hold our heads
Gently hold our heads on high

Aimless time in fear new hide
Overthrow the plan
Confusion lies in all my words
Mad is the soul

We barricade ourselves in holes of temperament
This is the dawning of a new age
A heart that beats the wrong way
Insanity's crescendo

Windcolour - second sight
A touch of silence and the violence of dark
Illusion span - the aroma of time
Shadowlife and the scent of nothingness

Infinite fall of instinct
Order of one spells deceit
Infinite lack of trust
Order of one obsolete

Oh escaping time is all we lost ahead?
When it's found, can judgement make amends?

From force-fed impressions
Let us mortify the mind
Each soul to violate
Each instinct to be rendered false

Torn asunder be the conventional forms and frames
Now for the blood of heaven
Unlearn and the cleansing comes

Fell a tremor in the pillars of the senses
Cursed victim of a distance near
The first dreams - the clearest vision

Aimlessly steer towards our night
We belong to thee
Oh dearest bliss, unnerving silence
Entangled within

Dimly begotten in clarity found
Virginlike tears for impurity bound
Beseech he who darken the stars and the sky
To greet now this vision an emerald dawn

Empty the sun - carve out the wind
Insanity's crescendo
Tear out the blinded eye

Lament of thunder - take comfort in fear
Lightning veins in crude exterior
Voice the oppression - voice the hypocrisy
Lay down the law that made instince fall

Escape now and revert
This cleansing rebirth
Torn asunder be
Affect me not; darkened vision
Insanity's crescendo

Grimly tread the footsteps torn
Rebellious stand the seeker tall
The thorn of insanity's hand
Take this darkened vision from my sight

Nailed to the image of ignorance
Each soul to violate
For the blood of heaven

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"Insanity's Crescendo" as written by Fredrik Johansson Anders Jivarp

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    General CommentCurrently, this is my favorite song by DT.
    Very passionate and the contrast between the male and female vocals is a nice touch.
    I see it as call back to "Instinctive" right-brained thinking and the collaspe of institutionalized pop-phsycobable and double-think that has cursed the modern age.
    Tindaloson April 19, 2004   Link
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    General CommentTHis song seems a lot like, the person who the song is about, or the character. He can end his insanity with a simple will, but he somehow chooses fear over it, or to go blind. So Mikael is saying tear out your blind eyes, and come out of fear. A lot of DT songs, seem to have a feeling that Apathy is the root, and comfort in fear, rip it out and your problems end.
    Ixeson October 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGreat song. One of my favorites.
    Destinedfornothingon October 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI can do much better then my first comment; Let me know if the rest of you agree with this statement:
    Succinctly put: It's a call to free the spirit of Humanity from the warping and torment of endless conditioning and abuse through releasing all negative impressions and pavlovian behaviors through a liberating fit of madness; thus reconnecting with and restablishing the true self.
    Tindaloson December 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with both of you but I think Ixes has got it. It is how people are apathetic towards certain things and instead of letting ourselves go and letting our true selves show we choose to hide and lie to avoid possible conflict whereas the way forward is to speak our minds; transcend others who conform to others but just to be ourselves.
    Nymphetamineaddicton October 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGreat song indeed. Lately i have been reading some New age - stuff. U know, the thing where you are supposed to find true yourself and reach the highest level of consciousness etc. I think i find a lot of references from these lyrics to that stuff. For example:"escaping time" - the highest level of consciousness is not tied to time, it's timeless. "each instinct to be rendered false" - according to this book i read recently; everything we see, hear, feel etc ,is "untrue" made up by our minds and only truth can be achieved by finding your true self. "Aimlessly steer towards our
    light we belong to thee " - i think this refers straightly to enlightment, which is the main goal of course. There are many more but i save u from my sucky english and dont list them :) Anyone else thought of this aspect ?
    Rauskion March 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt is about intuition. "First dreams - the clearest visions". He tries to get back to the beginning, to get rid of all the things inside his mind that keeps him from seeing the truth, the real meaning, to see himself the way he really is... To get rid of convention. The whole song seems to be inspired by feeling of presence of some being made of dreams and visions. The same one that he describes in "Her silent language".

    "we belong to thee... unnerving silence" or "Affect me not; darkened vision"
    It is a conversation with his inner self, he wants to be released, and also he is afraid of his "god" and his "savior".
    gwrraaaon June 17, 2013   Link

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