I think I'm water
My [?] sickness grows inside
Help me out of it

"You are a light"
"You are a sound"
"Drift within"
"This is your body"

I decayed and rotted away
Your bloody [rotting] mind's set

"Did you get lost on the trip"
You don't know me
"Did you get trapped in memory"
You can't heal a soul
"Did you forget"
Who I am

I[?] fear walk till one A.M.
"What did you do"
Last morning
"You brought your own mind games with you"
Little, one or two
No color
"You had to make it a bad trip"
Darkness flesh pot
Mind reflecting
Through the paint of a picture
Cracks of the believable vision
In turn in bone

Watered down
Here[?], take, ingest it

The cross repeats, astounds
Presenting a sight
Visual betrayal
"Quiet dormant sea of light"
Last rights denied
Signal[?] trails along a road inside
"A mass grave"

(Mind has defeated the stain of disease
Dirt lipped motherfuck chose a life of ease)

Hard to believe
When a sprit[?] falls
Takes a soul
Travels a trip to the edge of it all
Why can't they see
I'm still in control
Starving eyes
"Quiet dormant sea of light"
Blood's[?] lifeless
Last rights denied
"A mass grave"

Medicated eyes
Feast through expected
Who [The] controls
No one right
"Soft, it's soft, tissue soft"
It's a decision
Quickly[?] toss this coin
head or tail
Cause effect breakdown
Inexperience fails

"Lift...and fold it's soft tissue soft"
Washing the hands
Pointing his way
Washing the hands
Pointing his way
"Sink chant over to a dark fertile marsh"
Washing the hands
Guilt and denial
Washing the hands
Pointing away
Washing the hands
Pointing his way
Washing the hands
Point of denial..
"Sink into a dark.."

Who were the righteous fiends[?] that be so [???]
"In this mirror of confession"
No guilt (No guilt)
I see no guilt
"What do you see there"
No guilt
"Your personality"
Experience fails
"All your goals, and your fears"
My fears and
"and your ambitions"
my ambitions

Hey, it's ok
"The chess game of your life"
This world is [such a..] [???]
"You gotta check that"
"You can't take that on the trip with you"

[???] dealing inside
"All those animal impulses that you hide"
Way down way down
"And keep down below"
"All this baggage too must be checked"

I wouldn't expect it could be
"Can't take that"
I never knew
"on the billion year voyage"
Never wanted to welcome water
"Are you ready"
"Then take this chalice"
Sickness grows inside
"The elixir of life"
Wishing you could grow up..

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    My Interpretationhe's comparing a bad drug trip or addiction to a voyage by sea, the first line "i think i'm water" is how motion sea-sickness feels, and the sickness that grows inside is scurvy that people got from not having fruit for vitamin C on ships.

    uppers, the kind of drug he probably likes such as ecstasy, are usually taken along with vitamin C pills, or orange juice, and then more is taken the next day to help with the hangover.

    "you had to make it a bad trip" i guess refers to people he was tripping with or his friends who might not like his habit, and are the shipmates he feels stuck with. then he talks about starving eyes and last rights denied, which is the fact he's stranded at sea and won't have proper burial rights since there's no ground, then he calls the sea a mass grave.

    this next part's a stretch but just how i interpret it, i think he suggests the ship resorts to cannibalism or something since there's a coinflip where someone has to call heads or tails and then washing of hands, and then horrible feelings of veiled guilt and overt denial

    indolenciaon January 29, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is my favourite Skinny Puppy song ^^
    Although...I'm not quite sure it can be called a song o.o
    Floating_Candleson January 28, 2006   Link

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