It's a matter of race, the way we should see ourselves today
Instead it's a matter of waste, division, betrayed
Depression gradually choking away my breath
Natures finest creation, almost dead and nothing left
Racial pride deficiencies
It's witnessed on an everyday scale
A once bright future begins to cloud
Internationally derailed
Our people can shoulder some of the blame,
But an unseen hand is truly to blame
Our race is dying in vain
It's a matter of race, when will you agree?
When you're the slave of a slave,
Broken down and on your knees?
It's a matter of race, but am I wasting your time?
If it's a matter of convenience, then I'm wasting my time

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    General CommentI am not going to waste my time, posting a meaningful rebutal of this redneck horse shit, because if you are into this crap, there really is no hope for you.
    quiffpornon December 03, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti think that racism is something that comes naturaly to some poeple and is also a reation to the opening of sometypes of intelect or knowledge, so i dont blame them for being racist, in fact i even encourage them to keep on practicing thier individual beliefs because thats what makes the world such a diverse and multidementional place. it people like guiffporn who are trying to getting everyone to believe (or not believe) something that agrees with him, thus conforms people to one set of beliefs. and as far as the murders that may result in extreme racism, the world is extremely over populated and getting bigger by the day. a few murders wont hurt anything over all.
    Nihasaon May 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWould hazard a guess the line "Instead it's a matter of waste, division, betrayed" should read betrayal at the end ... otherwise is poor English. Not sure exactly what this line is suggesting ... I would have though singing about a "matter of race" would have been happy with it being a "matter of division"??

    The rest is quite straight forward. The artist obviously upset that a particular race ("white" for those that are unaware) is superior and is being "derailed", and then plays on fears that one day "whites" will be slaves (or at least suggesting a minority in a country such as the USA).

    The last line I also sort of disagrees with the artists message. It is far more convienent to discriminate and segregate society (as I am sure the artist would be happy with) than to strive for a mix of cultures, races and ethnicities. Human's stereotype because it is more convienent than trying to view everyone as a individual. So the last line to me "If it's a matter of convenience, then I'm wasting my time" suggests the artists finds the opposite harder however (although history and social scientists would vehemently disagree with that position).
    sokornyon June 16, 2011   Link

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