Walking about thinking about talking about
how now a long way back
They had made the common mistake
of assuming that we had no order
'cause we had no borders to divide tribes,
no quarters to define vibes
we traveled the songlines through our dreamtime
now I'm walking about drinking about complaining about
how now we stand no chance to fight decadence were tamed
they came from the sea like a cold winters breeze
to freeze these dreams
to maim and seize

quietly I await for they to dissipate
I can't walk straight

Loudly and intoxicated naked I faked it, I fucked it
Proudly I traded conformity for the roots.
Now always on the move with nothing to prove and nothing to lose
I'll choose earth over booze, leave the dirt for the fools
Put me on the list for traditionalist if it consists of a natural way
Away from this fist,
If it takes me away from this
I can't strive with this fist of the capitalist

There are some dark pages in the history
of the white man's dealings with the Indians,
and many parts of the record are stained
with the greed and avarice of those
who have thought only of their own profit

They said this land is built upon freedom
but those that lived here before have seen none
Now those that are left at the home of their tradition
Ask to be left alone from your jurisdiction
And the conflicting ideas and ideals

Man belongs to land, Land belongs to man
Man belongs to man, Land belongs to land

Don't know if I got laid off or if I got paid off
but I sure got off hell, I sure got off
Now no more stomping the ground always locked with a frown
Looking down at the rocks in self misery
From now on I'll be flowing with a song through time and space
Rhyme and pace, silent ways of a dying race
Displaced by hatred of a violent race who'll annihilate us
If allowed by us, I'm saying its up to us to fuss
What fate is that which makes our past?
What weight is that which breaks our backs?
Times come.

Why slave for a system that treats you like one?

Fuck it!
I'm not going back to ruffing it,
I'm not going back to nothing
I'm loving it,
I'm taking my piece of the overall puzzle and colouring it
With a colour that fits me and a pitch that intrigues me
And a scent of the deep

Sleeping it on, Slipping it in
Slipping on it, Sleeping it off
Tripping in it, Flipping it on
Holding it in, Holding on it
I Cant brood in the same mood forever
We cant move to the same groove together

Swear allegiance, frequencies, polarities dualities resonate in me
Spectrums, cycles, regions work their way in me
Hope third eye can see beyond the war and violence,
find balance, face adversity
the gallant valiant rebel sees they say clinically tested
I say cynically tested, scientifically pestered
Alone in the land I discover,
Herbalize, crystallize, good and bad, crystal eyes
Don't you find that we cant define what we…

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