Slit made, blood flow
Bring my lips to yours
let our blood mingle
flow into you, flow into me

I prick my lips for you
as you have done the same
These punctures are gates to the heart
for which our passions will flow

With this pain suffered
with this flesh cut
I pledge my love
Forever are we one

Feel my warm blood
course through your veins
As I sense your blood
fill my empty heart

Never shall I feel
the cold of solitude
There you will be with me
Warming me with your undying blood

With this tie that binds
In your times of glory
In your times of melancholy
I'll always be here for you

Always shall we be
as one entity for eternity
To live for the love of the other
Let us feel each other, inside each other

You are my kindred
fate has tied together our souls
So let us make the union complete
and bind our bodies whole

How little we could ever drift
with my heart of your heart
my blood of your blood
we are bound together

For we do not pledge to a god
express our love under a false visage
With myths beget myths
we pledge our own bodies

We do not trade material worth
To give each other nothing
Trinkets rust with age
Blood runs warmer with time

So let us take hold
of the binding we have done
you are my love of all Earth
With this I seek to prove

For upon this cold November day
as steam rises from our wounds
I pledge to thee my love, my soul
Will you accept me?

Are you willing to take this oath
of eternal love and forever hope
To hold with you dear
in times of hate and times of tear

Will you accept my blood
for all it means
to take these reddened drops of life
and make them your own

Then always shall it be
never shall we part
with my blood of your blood
my heart of your heart

Let all winter lay dead
for you are mine and I am yours
Together we are here
to let our together life start its course

An may our love never diminish
in our emotion and in our mind
May our love never fade
until this shared blood runs cold

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