The wheel of the passing has begun to turn
the binds of forever have grown stronger
stronger in my mind and heart
for all things between us

Spring brings the rains and love
water logged, drenched
never will I part from you
claw my way through the mud
to be with you

Spring is the season of Aphrodite
and like her you are beauty and grace incarnate
You are love
Alike to the grasses of spring
my heart grows ever stronger, for you

Summer brings the scorching heat and passion
aflame and heated, burned outright
never will I part from you
I grit my teeth to suffer the worst blisters
to find salvation in your warm glow

Summer is the season of Hera
and like her you are strong and fiery
You are passion
Alike to the dried grasses of summer
My soul is set a fire by such passion

Autumn brings the cold north air and reflection
Cool and crisp, the winds cut through
never will I part from you
As I stand amongst the dying earth
my heart is kept from frost, by thought of you

Autumn is the season of Demeter
and like her you are understanding and maternal
You are the mother
Alike to the tall wheat of autumn
all my love and essence is there for the harvest

Winter brings death and appreciation
Frozen and dead, the sun hath left us
never will I part from you
As I succumb to the chill,
my blood only flows to the remembrance of you

Winter is the season of Artemis
and like her you are, appreciative and protective
You are tolerance
Alike to the snow covering the grass
you keep me warm in the most harsh world

Seasons come, seasons go
as the year's wheel grinds 'round
Never forget that I am always with you
Though my form may be a month's travel away
I am with you

When ever two hearts beat in a single chord
it takes more that separation
to stop the blood flow

Even when I am no longer able
to draw my hand down the flesh of your neck
you will forever feel my touch

If ever in doubt, during times apart
A hold a moment to peer into a clear night sky
View the shimmering of lights above

If the moon is full, it's beams bathing
then I too am peering up into the moon
and my love will reflect from above
down upon you

If the moon is new, the dark night sky
there is no moon for us to share
then know that my love is in the star of your eyes
into your heart, forever will it be there

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