"Saw Red (Acoustic)" as written by Bradley James Nowell and Barrington Ainsworth Levy....
Every day I love him a little bit more
A little bit more, a little bit more
Every day I love him just a little bit more
And he loves me the same

Every day I love her a little bit more
A little bit more, a little bit more
Every day I love her just a little bit more
And she loves me the same

Baby if ya wanna get on, baby if ya wanna get off
It makes no sense at all, I saw red, I saw red, I saw red
One more secret lover that I shot dead

Every day I wake up, just a little bit more
Feelin' like a dog in the yard because it's just how we are

And every day I wonder if it's over
When I wake up I realize no it isn't, and break down the wall

You say it's black but I just can't believe you

And if I say it's white say I'm just trying to deceive you

And baby, I'm aware of the high and the low
And I'll be waiting for you in the middle, but I just lack control

Baby if ya wanna get low, baby if ya wanna get high
It makes no sense at all, I saw red, I saw red
One more secret lover that I shot dead

Girls don't go crazy, girls don't go crazy, oh girls don't crazy when the men use you

Women hold your men tight, if it makes you feel all right
It's your own life

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"Saw Red" as written by Barrington Levy Bradley Nowell

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Saw Red (Acoustic) song meanings
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    Song Meaningok im gonna break it down real quick... ive read alot of comments on everyones interpretation of the song, both acustic and regular. I love that everyone thinks brad wrote this beautiful love song about a girl and everyone WANTS to relate to it on that level.. but you got think like Brad. What was his one and true love? What did he die doing? What he loved most, dope. Afraid to tell ya, but this song is about his long and painful relationship with heroin. Her is dope. His lover is his vein. Shootin your vein dead. Drawin back on the syringe .. saw red. you really gotta know the mindset of a heroin addict. the black and the white is heroin and cocaine. the high and the low. when ur an addict it doesnt matter. just get it in ya. saw red. Shoot it up. he had a horrible time with drugs as alot of us do and made many references to them in his songs. this is actually a brilliant song when u know the pains of drug additction and know what brads talkin about.
    boston420on April 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentActually ,all you guys are .. w r o n g .
    In this song they're talking about HEROIN .

    "So baby if you wanna get low
    Baby if you wanna get high
    It makes no sense at all I saw red"

    This line is making it clear , heroin makes a person feel low once shot up then you get a high feeling afterwards ,so it makes no sense but that they saw red as BLOOD .

    "One more secret lover that I shot dead"

    he considered heroin a secret lover b/c he loved it so much and he also loved his wife .
    shot one dead meaning shot up .

    "Everyday i wake up just a little bit more
    Feelin like a dog and on the yard
    Cuz its just how we are"

    like a dog ,out of control .
    like dogs they're out of control ,addicted .its just how they are b/c of heroin .

    "And everyday i wonder if its over
    When I wake up reliseing that we hate
    And I break down the wall"

    they wish they werent addicted but sadly they were even if they tried they couldnt handle being sober
    they would feel angry ,deressing ,etc ,that they feel like they'll break down a wall without heroin use .

    "You say its black i dont believe you
    I say its white you say im tryin to decieve you"

    black - Mexican Black Tar (heroin)
    white - Heroin#4 also known as Smack ,China WHITE or Horse

    "Im aware of the high and the low
    And Ill be waiting for you in the middle
    But I just lack control"

    she's waiting to feel whats in between high & low which is normal (sober)
    they're waiting for their quits but its hard for an addict to quit heroin_duhh .

    "Girls dont go crazy
    Ohhh girls dont go crazy
    No girls dont get crazy when the men use you no
    Ohh woman hold your man tight if it makes you feel right
    Its your own life "

    in this line Girls is referring to Heroin .
    Heroin dont get crazy when MEN use you (shot up)
    WOMAN meaning heroin again ,hold the man tight ,meaning addicted .
    its your own life - heroin makes people get stuck after one hit ,its just how it works .
    its like if it has a life of its own to get people attached, loving heroin that they come back,over and over again .

    yup ,this is true . all true .
    come on , they were all addicted to drugs .
    why not sing a song about how it is to be addicted ?
    qotCatton May 03, 2011   Link
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    General Commentim confused as to wat saw red means...help?
    this version is dope, same with the one with gwen...
    ate_16amon March 23, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about two people who love each other but just can't seem to get it together.
    aydiosmioon March 29, 2003   Link
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    General Commentdoesn't the lyrics give that away? heh
    guitarist_10on April 19, 2003   Link
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    General CommentSaw red is an expression used for when you're involved with a lot of violence.
    Theo Reoon September 28, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI agree with aydiosmio. More to me sounds like he had a relationship were either of them trusted eachother and he saw red... aka he saw a problem. I dont think "seeing red" has to do with violence.
    Crazy_Foolon January 23, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about that place you get to when your in a relationship and you love them so much and they love you and yet still at the same time you dont see things the same but you think that you do, and you hold on in desperation even though you find yourself hatin and you just want to love so you'll take the high you'll take the low and no matter how hard you want that you still see the red he loves her a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more and she loves him... the same... how frustrating that has to be, to feel so much and yet more everyday, and with her its just the same. I think that the "him" in the song is slightly bi polar and thats probably the root of the discontent in the relationshipand it gets worse and then one day BAM another secret lover is dead the red signifys the blood that is born of the anger and frustration, yet he is bi polar so now this part of the song slows down quieter if you call it that with a plead for the girl to not go crazy when it is really the man that is going or went crazy to the homicidal edge of it... almost.... but then he calms down cause he loves her just a little bit more
    ima_jeniuson February 14, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI can't stand the acoustic version. The version they did with No Doubt was so much better.
    RoboRoboton February 27, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthe lbdas version with barrington levi is pretty good.
    sublincuvanaon May 27, 2005   Link

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