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yo-one day I was flippin thru the channels trippin off the nature of the human animal they're frightened and confused creatures, to find ways to deny reality theyre eager scared to look inside themselves at their reflection so scared of this they practice self deception they stop at nothing to deny that somewhere along the line theyre gonna die theyre scared to admit it (what) that theres limits, to this small planet and everything in it the very subject of death is taboo, just mention it, and they'll get mad at you, this overwhelming fears the biggest human curse it drives them to deny the balance of the universe the most basic forces of mother nature, they spend all their lives runnin tryin to escape her the life and death saga its-the unity of opposites, negative and positive---no there aint no stopping it but they do everything they can to try, but not me, im cool with death---im not scared to die

im not scared to die, it doesn't mean im suicidal, it means I understand nature so why ruin the cycle, its unreasonable, irrational, illogical, undesirable, and physically impossible, humans are so fuckin scared its pathetic yeah I said it-and no I don't regret it, just look at all the shit they create, to try to prolong death, like they can escape fate, so scared they carry guns and other weapons, to protect them, and all their frivolous possessions concocting medicines directin technologies to stretch their life spans that shit is of the wall to me and now theyre usin DNA codes to clone themselves so they can live for ever, creatin their own hell, man I wish they realized, accepting death ll' bring more value to their lives, cuz when they think they'll live forever, things aren't important, they waste resources thinking they can afford it then its some shock when death comes knockin, and leavin this chunk of rocks their only one option, and theyre terrified at what might lie beyond, graspin at their unfulfilled lives holdin on, it might be unknown but I aint afraid of it, this whole world is fucked up so death aint shit, I could live my whole life in fear but why, deaths inevitable
im not scared to die

im not scared to die ive been shot murdered in cold blood, quartered with my limbs severed so I couldn't hold a grudge, ive been hung, strangled and stabbed, tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged, (im not scared to die) ive suffocated starved and drowned, incinerated by bombs that scared the ground, ive been injected with poison and electrocuted and crucified-shit, believe me you get used to it, (im not scared to die) ive contracted every disease known slow painful deaths dying all scared and alone, countless automobile wrecks and overdoses the more I feared death the closer it approaches (im not scared to die) cuz ive learn to accept, that an earthly process breaths life into my flesh, but my soul is greater and knows of more, so livin life right is all I could hope for, (im not scared to die) cuz I know its not worth it, we cant control everything-yo, were not perfect, even if you tried id have to ask why, cuz yo, it doesn't make sense if (your not scared to die)

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