it starts with the subconscious part of the brain, the physical, animal side that's untamed, this is the place where all our habits our stored, if we taste something we like it got us coming back for more, all our wants and appetites and desires and shit we crave, it runs our emotions influencing how we behave, storing all the facts and images that flash limitless, throughout our lives signals to attack our senses with, it thrives off of routine and repetition, never listening, usually resisting anything new or different, comfort's all this part of the brain will accept, its mission's to remain unchanged until death, then there's the other side, your conscious side your honest side, your soul personified distinguishing wrong from right, it listens to what your thinking, a voice of reason echoing inside your head, advising on the choices your seeing, it separates us from the rest of the creatures on this planet, but it's at a great disadvantage, cuz it seems, most just cant manage the inner strength needed, to control the beast from doing what ever the hell it pleases, see the conscious is the rider, the subconscious is the horse, and which ever one's stronger determines the course, some have said we can only be true free by acting on our conscious, so now ill ask you, be honest

which ones in control, the rider or the horse, are you stuck on earth, or does your soul feel a higher force, if we're ever gonna change this world we're livin' in, we gotta be strong, yo we gotta have discipline, which ones in control, the rider or the horse, are you stuck on earth, or does your soul feel a higher force, only you can know whats going on inside, are you holding the reigns or just along for the ride, heroine, ecstasy, opium, methenphedamines, the doors are closing in, you better hope we win, and have enough strength, going up against, morphine, sex cigarettes , requim for a dream, caffeine, alcohol chemical intake, junk food on your dinner plate, stuffin too much in your face, and not just substance abuse with drugs you use, its all behavior patterns-subtle ones too, like how you interact with others, sensitive open and patient, or stubborn aggressive and opposed to changes, do you try to solve conflicts or make them worse, its time to understand the subconcious and the way it works, cuz this is how kids learn to be-have, are we teaching them how to be strong or how to be slaves

check it yo it gets deeper, the plot thickens, the battle's not just within, promising you wont consume intoxicants, see the power of the subconscious has been exploited, as a tool of manipulation, and those who have employed it, have steadily increased control over society, thru the use of media of all different variety, washing our brains with mind numbing entertainment television film pop music-shit you name it, (ill explain it) (they use your subconscious to control your will) they've done it for awhile and developed a skill, to make you wanna go and buy frivolous shit you don't need, indoctrinating individualism and greed, controlling our thoughts and actions so we're preoccupied, while they're off to the side, destroying the planet all they like, yo if we're ever gonna stop them, freeing ourselves from mental slavery's what we have to do, so now ill ask you….

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