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and then there was light, and then there was sight, thousands of years of searchin despite, never quite makin it, truth I tried attainin it, figurin out life and my place in it, before institutions before memory, id stare into the starry skies that stretched endlessly, I didn't know it but I felt it, sensed it on a deeper level before my intelligence developed it, I searched for Zoroaster to soak his truth up, and went and sat under a tree with the Buddha, and argued about authority with Confucius in awe of logic and the power it produces, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle showed me how to use it, and warned me of the Sophists who abuse it, till then I hadn't noticed what ethics presupposes, then Moses showed me what a moral code is, the son of Mary and Joseph told me gods truth is everlasting and taught about love and compassion, Jesus showed me how to sacrifice and be honest, and then I learned more about this from Mohamed, but yo, it's a god eat god world, and religion, created divisions that undermined the vision, still, I couldn't give up on truth attaining,so much in the physical world needed explaining, I pointed out the holes Kant's arguments and told Descartes he's too skeptical to make sense, Rouseau, Hobbes and Locke, explained to me the state, and Marx's class analysis was great, it seemed then that time was ripe for revolution, and the strong would carry out Darwin's evolution, but naw, I had to stop before I tried this, cuz Gandhi showed me the path of non-violence, and this was employed by Martin Luther King Jr., who brought a great change that violence couldn't bring sooner, I learned a whole lot from all these great minds, and many more, to name all of them would take time, Foucault explained to me power relations, and Habermas discussed breakdowns in communication Chomsky then detailed languages importance, I soaked up all their knowledge -I absorbed it and finally felt that I was far on my journey, till I met this women who looked at me sternly, and told me all my knowledge was passed on by men, so I had to go back and start over again…..(damn) (but I guess that how it is when you're a ..) messenger of the gods its not quixilver tryin to scold you, so when the universe speaks do what your told to, true freedom is the promise of consciousness, if what you want be a messenger of the goddesses truth is the theme of the song, its not about who knew it first it was here all along

empirical, rational, irrational, arguments used to explain the magical, objective, subjective, who can really utilize a neutral perspective, without presupposition, a world view with nothing missin, tainted with bias-what discussion isn't, but yo ill ask you to stop, and think-without that end open what else do we got, we must separate the claim from the claimer, and judge and statement based solely on its nature, its too often a good arguments dismissed, cuz the person who put it forth s' busy getting dissed, hipocrosys a valuable concept to use, but at the same time that shit can be abused, cuz anyone can be called out for discrepancies, between what they do and what they say respectively, but this is separate from what we may define, as universal truth, clear and divine, and so, all that's left is to grow, and live disciplined lives based on what we know and yo , this doesn't have to be hard, that's why anyone can be a … -

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