yo---im mortal. walking thru a time portal, rhyme resourceful, scouring civilizations kitchen cabinet to find a morsal, the mind absorbs, constantly processing information to feed the inspiration needed to spawn the innovation, standing at the edge of time, the edge of a cliff, asking why we're meant to exist, a struggle we don't get to resist, but nevertheless we get, stuck wit it, kings queens pawns and puppets, and the tactics employed to keep these from causing ruckus, its shady times, systematic destruction of the world we know, some zone out, some decay, and still others prefer to grow, playing the game, learning slow, turning those personal gains into positive contributions and still earnin dough, but still, yo---the problems are there cuz not enough people care, they're quick to complain but then they deny their equal share, I stare evil square in the eye, and everythings clear, I see a way out of the fear and doubt and something inside me wants to shout, it's the universe using me as a vessel, messenger of divine truth, relying on the use of logic to find proof, advocating a strong emphasis on communication and the use of language to address the problems humans are facing, furthermore, our psychological process must be explored at great length to understand the issues we face, like insecurities and our overwhelming fear of dying, yo these can only be achieved thru years of trying, and acquiring a firm control over our subconscious, quite possibly the key to stopping all this nonsense, cuz only when we're guiding our thoughts and actions using reason, can we begin walking the path of true freedom, and only then can we exercise the choice between right and wrong, the struggle's life long, but before we know it life I gone, and I observe all this and shed a tear for humanity, utilizing various outlets to maintain my sanity, one man can't stop the course of time and this is understood, but if given the chance to speak to the world I'd do the best I could, so I grab this pen and pad and write a song, this struggle's life long, but my faith is twice as strong, I write a song, choosing right from wrong, turn the mic on and write a song, ….i write a song

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