It's been ten long years since I smelled the witch.
I don't think she will ever go away.
Do you think that's her lurking over there?
In that shadow that has been cast by me?

Can you smell the witch?
The witch is still alive.
Can you smell the witch?
I see her dead eyes.
I wanted you to go away.
Can you smell the witch?
The witch will never go away.

Does she hide in that old corner over there?
Are you dead when you are made of straw?
Is she still in that old house? The lonely old house.
Far away from everyone else. Her smell was stron up there.

The first time I saw you.
I smelt you more than I could see you.
The smell won't go away.
Is this how fear smells?
Does fear smell like a witch?
Come on smell the witch.

Can you smell the witch?
Sneaking up behind.
Can you smell the witch?
Can you feel the fear?
I want to go far away.
Can you smell the witch?
The witch will never go away.

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    General CommentApparantly this track is about a straw witch his grandmother had in her house, he apparantly used to hate it because it looked creepy and the straw stunk after a while. Of course, it could have other meanings and the witch could be metaphorical for something other than the straw witch when he wrote it.

    I have also heard he said in an interview that he dreamt about witch and it smelt like his grandmothers house in the forest.
    iskallaon December 19, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song makes me think of schizophrenia.
    The witch smell is a link to fear and i guess even though she may be gone, the anecdote of her is strongly linked with fear, so when he is afraid the memory of her might pop up, which to be fair is quite creepy.. and thats why the whole "The witch will never go away" is there.
    The part "Are you dead when you are made of straw?" to me is questioning logic. Does existence and life really mean you are alive? Or can you things live outside the boundaries of human perception.
    To me the witch is brought to life by his own fears and insecurities of her and as long as he has those, she will always live on.
    Awesome song though.
    A.Mon March 01, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwow. y'know, i like Mortiis, and this song has some great music, but these lyrics my be the worst i have ever heard. ever. i mean, it's not just the lyrics, but he sings them in such a irrrelivant fashion that it butchers anything good in the words. his voice is good, but maybe this song should have waited for the next album when he could get some lyrics that don't suck.
    hell_mongooseon April 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHow the hell would this have gone well on the grudge, badly is how. fairly self-explanitory really this song is
    Argos090on July 18, 2008   Link

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