"Funeral In Carpathia (Dusk And Her Embrace Version)" as written by Nicholas Andrew Barker, Robin Mark Eaglestone, Gregory Moffit, Stuart Anstis and Dani Davey....
Candelabra snuffed prey - silhouette wedded
Nightfall take my hand
Seduce me with silky timbred limbs
Grant me thy dark command
Over the peaks framing tapestries
Of thick forest, dusk has filled
With Lucifugous kisses enwreathed in mist
Creeping like violations from the shadows
To kill

Is my love in vein
When thy tears bleed sweeter
Thank the midsummer rain?
Bewinged, infested belfries
Toll o'er the sobbing throng
A writhe of lethargic, terrored nudes
Whipped and welted neath the barbed windsong

(In saddean paradise
Ancestral legacies linger on)

I am He
The crowned and conquering darkness
Satan robed in ecumenical filth
Livid Bacchus sustained by bridal echelons of sylph

This wintry eve when the snow glistens deep
And sharpened turrets wed the jewelless skies
I shrug off the shroud of preternatural sleep
Enbroided by these words Malaresia scribed....

"Beauty slept and angels wept
For Her immortal soul
In this response, all evil chose
To claim her for their very own"

The pleasured dead speak of her
In necromantic tongue
When ambered daylights are done

Masterbating in their graves
On her zenith to come

This catafalque night when awed stars report
Their absence from the heavenly brow
Crippled seraph shalt cower in illustrious courts
Whilsts the cloaked maelstrom resounds throughout

"How the storm it fulfills
My heart though unhealed
Celestial knives ebonied
And wild woods thrill
Yet far fiercer still
Her lustre eviscerates me"

Priapic lovers twist in concert with Her
Covenants are struck, jagged lightning fellates
The path towards the castle weary innocence takes

I rule as Master here
Where feral hordes impart my temper
Love sank wounded when I, betrayed
Saw death etch cruelly, upon my lineage

"Usher the spite seething Draconist
And commit this world to thy ancient

Erunescent veil descend
Psalmed sunset thus portends
And laid to rest, I now am blessed
With this darkness, forever more

Supreme Vampiric Evil

Lyrics submitted by daitheflu64

"Funeral in Carpathia" as written by Gregory Moffit Dani Davey

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Funeral In Carpathia (Dusk And Her Embrace Version) song meanings
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    General Comment"Beauty slept and angels wept
    For her emortal soul
    In this repose, all evil chose
    To claim her for their very own"

    Damn that gives me shivers every time I hear it.. This song is just a Masterpiece.. it's awsome... COF is soo cool....

    And Erudite Stranger, I dont see Dracula in this song at all.......
    Vampyreon March 06, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti saw that on the other funeral in carpathia someone got the song mixed up from the original version and the be quick or be dead version. well, for lyrical purposes or reading pleasure i bring to you the original version of funeral in carpathia
    daitheflu64on September 08, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is a masterpiece. I love the orchestra & the riffs, just amazing talent. These guys are so anti christain, it's great. I'm ok with any other religion, but christains complain all the fucking time. Not all christains are like that, so that's cool. This is my favorite song ever!
    pollockon November 17, 2004   Link
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    General Commentis there some link in the song to the story of dracula? because dracula did live in the carpathian mountains... This is about Dracula!
    erudite strangeron February 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWait a minute? According to who Dracula lived in the Carpathian mountains? Bram Stoker, or did Vlad Tepes live there.

    OMG this songs starting to come together now. Okay, my guess now is this song is about the death of Elizabeth Bathory, as about 1/4 of all Cradle songs are about.
    Necrophagus2Comingon September 08, 2005   Link
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    General Comment"And Erudite Stranger, I dont see Dracula in this song at all......"

    "Supreme Vampiric Evil"
    Necrophagus2Comingon September 09, 2005   Link
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    General CommentSee Cruelty and the Beast. Who is this song about? None other than Elizabeth Bathory. Lived in the Carphatian region after being married off to an aristocratic soldier. Elizabeth Bathory inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula. Bram thought of making the vampire Elizabeth herself, but later changed it to the male Vlad Tepes Dracul-a.

    But about this song...Freaking fucking awesome! I love this song, along with Lustmord and Wargasm. Two truly magnificent songs.
    gothickunon September 20, 2005   Link
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    General Comment"And Erudite Stranger, I dont see Dracula in this song at all....... "
    clearly this song is about dracula, or at least vlad "tepes" Dracul.
    firstly "nightfall take my hand" is a reference to how vampires are embraced by nightfall and become creatures of the night.
    "creeping from the shadows to kill" shows how vampires creep from the shadows to kill their victims.
    secondly "I shrug off the shroud of preternatural sleep" shows being immortal and undead as the "preternatural sleep" is most likely death, hence he is a vampire.
    thirdly carpathia(15th century romania) is where vlad was thought to have lived, a clear reference to him.
    fourthly a "Draconist" was someone of the order of the dragon, which vlad tepes was which gave him the name dracula.
    fifthly "death etch cruelly, upon my lineage" means that death became part of his kinship (descent) so his children were vampires
    sixthly "blessed with darkness forever more" means that he has been "blessed" by eternal darkness ie vampyrism
    and most obviously as Necrophagus2Coming said, "supreme vamyric evil"
    Deathcultarmageddonon August 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe song definately has vampiric references, but I wouldn't say specifically Dracula. And to Necrophagous2Coming, saying that 1/4 of their songs is about Bathory is quite off. They dedicated an album to her, and have probably written a few other songs/refereces to her, but thats it.
    samwaltonon June 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commentsurely this song is about the rape of Lucretia and the fall of the Roman republic?
    erwhaton May 18, 2012   Link

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