You've done it slightly different
You didn't wait for his permission
Thought you might surprise him
Now you're not so sure
Your hands are getting sweaty fast
Your heart's down in your stomach
As you keep looking at the door
Bad day at the office so you're pounding up the stairs
She better have things ready
You don't wanna deal with her
The door swings open; eye to eye
Something's wrong
Angry thoughts start rushing up inside
Then you were just a girl
And you saw all the things that you needed in him
Then you saw something else
Then you learned to close your eyes
Used your love against your doubts
Across the bar she's smiling
She looks good enough for taking
She smells just like a flower
But "Bitch in Heat" is what you're breathing
Pour your money down her throat
You know you'll get it back
With her skin for interest; skin for interest
You catch him smiling at you
And your friend confirms his good looks
Weren't you just out on the dance floor?
How'd it turn into a mattress?
Through the fog your spinning ears can hear your "No"
His sweat and body doesn't listen
Not property
Not your property
Hey, man; not human
Limbic reptile brain
Free to love; free to give
Take it back; take away
You never loved; only owned
Only stole; can't own a soul
So you hurt; anger-filled
Brute inside's the one to kill
Yeah, kill, yeah
(Guitar solo)
And now you're not just a girl
Seen too much for stayin' blind
All coming down around your head
Too much now to close your eyes
No love left to stop these doubts
Do you run?
Do you turn?
Face the predator that used to be your man
He shows up at your doorstep
Says to hear him out just once more
Then you didn't see the first blow
Now you're bleeding on the floor
Try to get up; to get out
You can't; inside so numb
And where would you go?
The eyes you thought you knew once
They look different; somehow vacant
Bangin' drawers out in the kitchen
You're crawlin' for the door
Strength is failing; now he's comin'
Got an awful steel tooth clutched inside his hand
No, no, no, no, no
Not property
She's not your property; don't you get it?
Not property; claim a soul
Not property; your own

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