Well I'm about to tell ya something
Its just about how
A girl can take your world, flip it inside out
Don't blink it takes a second
So please stick around
Cause a silly girl could be lurking around your town

Running around spreading rumors like a circus clown
Scheming with the girlies trying to bring the boys down
Every single time I try and figure you out
You go and switch it up, I'm not joking no doubt
Making story lines
Commiting awful crimes
Quick they're droppin dimes
Can't you see the warning signs

No doubt I can see they're doing nothing but playin
Never hear them say how was your day or how ya been
Whining about dumb shit
Mocking lips
Throwin' fits
As if you never cared or never gave a shit

Flip the switch and quit
Put your hands on the wall
If I call then you listen
If I fall then you pushed me
Can't you see Can't you see
The dirty that they pull and try and push on me

I don't need no Silly Girls

Creating dirty tricks and short circuts in my brain
One of their objectives is to make us go insane
They'll look into your eyes and kick the door down in your head
Slit your throat and laugh and leave you for the dead
Corupting brain waves
Turning us to slaves
Hazy eye glaze
I can feel their evil ways

And no matter how much you think you care about them
They don't give a shit unless u take em to bed
Now you're whipped
You're on lock down
Your only way out is to leave this town
I feel like a plane on radar
Shes keeping tabs on me
Always callin on the cell phone or pagin' me

Could I see you're licence and registration
Could you step out the car
APB on a silly girl from DC
I think I found her roaming around CT
(Do you copy, Do you copy)
I caught a silly pulling tricks on me

Now all these girls are coming up to me
Blowing kisses and waving their hands at me
But I'm smart enough to realize
That they are saying nothing but lies
I think I should give them a kiss
Tease them real quick
That's what we call the pimp twist
Now all ya gotta do is hear them say
Whats that song that u guys used to play

Hey yo Rob, can I kick verse 3 personal

Yeah that's cool, cause we can kick it versital

Well this one's about a silly girl that I once dated
She had light brown hair and her blue jeans were always faded

Ed, I can't remember what that phyco girlies name was

I can't remember either I should ask JD
She thought she was smooth and tried to play me
Thats why I smile as I say

I don't need no Silly Girls

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