If ever i was on one of those operation shows,
You know, the ones where people are cut open?
You would see exactly how i feel inside,
You'd see how ive been trying to hide,
You'd see the hurt and anger in my heart,
How your unfaithfulness has pulled me apart.

Remember when you'd tell me that you'd always love me?
Yeah, I was a fool and I believed that this would be,
We'd one day get married, move to southern Cali,
Have a couple children, they'd call me mommy,
Oh how i believed you, yeah i remember,
Oh how my dreams have all been shattered.

You could have at least had the decency to dump me firsy,
Dump me before fucking that 40-year old nurse.
That way we could still be friends,
Not end up never talking again,

Yeah I still love you, but I dont know why,
All that you have done is made me cry,
Why do I love you when you just pull me apart?
How can I love someone who has no heart?

These confused feelings keep running thru my mind,
Oh how i wish i could just snap your spine,
Oh that's right you dont have a backbone,
Otherwise you wouldn't have left me all alone,
You left me crying on the floor,
Curled in a ball by the bathroom door.

I hope you die,
I want you to die,

I want you to die in a horrible accident,
but i want you to suffer as much as possible,
That way you could feel all my pain,
You can feel exactly the same,
The same way i felt when all my dreams were crushed,
i hope you get hit by a speeding truck,
But the blow to your head can't be enough to kill you instantly,
You need to become a little retarded first and then you'll see,
You'll see how its like to be all by yourself,
Nobody to understand you as you sit alone in your house,
Yeah, you'll be so fucking retarded you'll forget how to eat,
You'll die slowly but surely just like the heart in me,
Then at your funeral, yeah I'll probably show my face,
But not to pay respects, no, but to spit on your grave

I hope you die
I want you to die

Are you proud of what you've done?
Are you proud i want you gone?
You ripped my heart out of my ass then left it to die in a ditch,
That's exactly what i want of you, you selfish prick bitch,

I hope you die,
I want you to die
Go to hell

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Selfish Prick (I Wouldn't Mind If You Died) song meanings
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