Waving my arms in the air
love, my love, got no care
no care, no, no, pressing my feet to the ground
stand up right where you stand
call to you and what do you do
laying back in a chair?
she's so high on the air
she's so high on the air
half and half, half and half
all you have to do to call
is hold her her hand, stand a while
and then smile and we'll understand
yes we do - yes, yes we do!
Oh waht a girl I've got too!
Oh waht a girl I've got too!
with her slinky look she held her tie to her hair
(and I) could see everywhere
no-one in the land, no-one
no-one in the land, no-one
but it rains on saturday - cats and dogs in the way
stormy day, hey, hey
and you shouldn't try to be
what you can't be
and you shouldn't try to be
what you can't be
call to you and what do you do

There will be shoulders pressing in the hall
and I won't know if you're here at all
there will be wine and drinking in the yard
there won't be anybody very hard
there will be lots of things that we can do
and all and more will be for you
everything I knew I tried with you
but everything to you was never easy
so I went ahead around my world
I saw the things you do arriving by your side
to see you looking too
but I know this. I know, I never lied to you
it's been just like you're gone
for just one day for so long!
It's been so hard to bear with you not there
but thought I think of you, the things you do
when I'm with you, to be with you,
to be alone...can only think:
"Why I am here? What's meant to be?"

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Waving My Arms In The Air / I Never Lied To You song meanings
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    General CommentI really cant draw a solid meaning from this song...the beat of it all is pretty chill tho
    Cruzman3608on July 22, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI would suggest that these words illustrate a young man reflecting on his his own bipolar experience, the cycle of highs and lows triggered by relationships and his musical and artistic career. Barrett spoke at the time in an interview of a recent relationship that had ended and how it nearly caused him a breakdown. Not sure, chronologically speaking, if this would likely refer to his break-up with Lindsay Korner or someone else.

    Anyway, he is 'waving my hands in the air', jumping for joy at getting it together with whichever girl, trying to keep his feet on the ground ('pressing my feet to the ground'). This also perhaps refers to Barrett's well-documented habit of bouncing on his feet, which some see as evidence of an aspergers tendency. But things aren't all rosy, he needs help, but she is just 'laying back in a chair', unwilling to work at the relationship ('half and half'). But hey it can all be sorted again by holding hands and 'smile and we'll understand'.

    Not clear whether it is Syd or the girl who 'could see everywhere' … I like how this rolls over to the next line 'no-one in the land'... when you are really absorbed in a relationship and oblivious to everyone else. There's stormy weather to come, hey its 'raining cats and dogs'

    The song reaches a rousing chorus of 'you shouldn't try to be what you can't be' which could clearly be read as a Barrett reaching a philosophical conclusion of how his short-lived spell in the pop world was not for him, if not a pointed statement aimed at his ex. The kind of line a more perceptive rock journalist might have asked about at the time.

    I find it significant that the album is entitled Barrett, suggesting both a tiring of the 'Syd' moniker as well as putting to rest the sensational 'Madcap' image. I assume he was happier to put his own painting as a front cover than the posed images of the previous two records (see recent Mojo 'Iggy the Eskimo' interview)

    The tempo slows for the transition into 'I never lied...'

    'Shoulders pressing in the hall' makes me picture the crowded scene at the Earls Court flat... so many young scenesters around, Syd doesn't even know if she is there.

    There's a kind of desperation to 'all and more will be for you. Everything I knew I tried with you.' I think part of the appeal with Barrett's best work is it feels intimate because there are elements that are very specific and personal, there is a vivid use of detail of ordinary life, as well as more universal reflections. Most people have been through failed young love... when all else fails you tell that other person how devoted you are to them, but it doesn't work, its controlling, its all over... Or maybe Barrett just wanted to inject this kind of melodrama into the song for effect and we shouldn't take it all too literally.

    This song reflects the injustice felt at the breakdown of this relationship, above all that the writer is well aware of his own shortfalls but has been honest about who he is. This is presented in starker terms in Baby Lemonade, 'I'm screaming, I met you this way'

    I love the next 'cliffhanger' line, 'it feels just like you're gone for just one day... for so long'. The kind of lingering pain which you expect to reside, but every day feels as bad as the one before.

    The pathos of 'its been so hard to bear with you not there' is skilfully emphasised with a trademark rising chromatic chord progression.

    The song draws to its conclusion with Barrett 'resigned to his fate', whatever has happened he can only sit and wonder if its 'what's meant to be'. The lyrical and musical twists and turns of the sequence are brought to an almost comic faux-grandiose ending with Richard Wright's leaping octave chords emphasising the return to 'A'.
    mookundion February 13, 2011   Link

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