Watch them laugh unashamed
When they take your rights away
They're counting on your silence
Broken down by the weight
Of the climate they create
Psychological Violence
And it's all for one
And none for us
Just pretend you don't see it
Try to blame only one
But accept that we've become
A system that feeds it

We've taken a beating
The crooked arm of the law
Authority over-reaching
Dignity crushed in its claws

Take a look around
Won't be long before you found
Blatant intimidation
At the hands of a few
Decorated all in blue
They suppress the accusations
Keep your head bowed down
And don't look back
Keep your hands in your pockets
People have died for less than that
Made one wrong move
They got it in the back

The moment of outrage
Matters not in the least
A little slap on the wrist
Welcome to the belly of the beast

Little men with little minds
Little roles that they define
These things are connected
Trust them with power
Without thinking twice
Every man has got a price
Do you feel protected?
The chance is too much to resist
To hold another under your fist
I'd like to believe that
Each time another's lost
Something is gained
The blue becomes a
Reddish stain
And we are reminded
Of who they really are

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    General CommentA wonderful criticism of the corrupt lawmakers and white-collar workers that make things difficult for the rest of us Americans. Plus, most of the songs like this I listen to have a darker and harder sound, so it's refreshing to hear a poppier kind of sound yet still with meaningful lyrics.
    StephNJon May 12, 2003   Link
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    General CommentEr, this is about cops, not white collar workers...
    freedomBonoon September 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love D4 in the way of their creative writing.
    D4 records, lyric-wise, are just like a, say, Leftover Crack record. But they don't come right out and say "Fuck the police!" or "let's burn them fucking prisons!" Instead, they put it in a more thoughtful, descriptive, intellectual (maybe...) way.
    folking_victimon February 28, 2007   Link

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