"Lost In Space" as written by and Vincent Crane John Ducann....
Lost in space above all drifting
To a place where planets shifting
The moon erased, it's features lifting
The glare

But I am the stuff of happy endings
Though mostly bluff, belief suspending
But close enough for just pretending
To care

And I'm pretending to care
When I'm not even there
Gone but I don't know where

Well she's the faith and I'm the devil
Who keeps the pace and clears the rubble
And lost in space, fills up the bubble
With air

By just pretending to care
Like I'm not even there
Gone but I don't know where

It split like a cell
And man cannot tell
The lie from parallel

So baby beware
I'm just pretending to care
Like I'm not even there
Gone but I don't know where
Gone but I don't know where
Gone but I don't know where

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"Lost in Space" as written by Vincent Crane John Ducann


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    General CommentI think the lyrics describe a man (many men, most men?) in a relationship. The man is emotionally disconnected, "lost in space." Mann is sarcastically describing the relationship from her point of view, with dry, cynical wit. She describes the man (shifting to his point of view, but in an extremely defacing way) as the "stuff of happy endings." But, of course, she's just being sarcastic here. Really, all of the man's emotional interest in the relationship is a bluff, a ruse. He pretends to care, but is far, far away. Mann continues describing the situation from the man's I point of view, in more defacing terms: The woman is the leader ("face") in the relationship; the man is the "double," the follower. He "keeps the pace," but offers nothing of substance to the relationship. He just fills space with empty air.

    The thing that I like about this song is that Mann doesn't offer a motivational explanation for the man's emotional disconnection. It could be for more willful, selfish reasons. Or, it could be someone like me, who is sometimes clueless due to a lifelong anxiety disorder. Either way, the woman is on the short end of the stick in this situation.
    dairyking887on February 15, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI know Lost in Space is primarily about addiction, but I think this song also fits very well with depression. It doesn't read as ironic to me so much as detached. The sudden onset of depression or severe anxiety can leave family and friends confused about the disappearance of the person they knew and loved. To me, this sounds like the feeling of suddenly realizing that everyone around you is talking about someone else when they are actually talking about how you used to be.

    Alternatively, the feeling of hiding a problem or hurt can also create that detachment: the line "she's the face" is I think actually talking about the speaker. She is both the face and the double, faking happiness or going about her daily life efficiently, while no one is aware that it feels as though someone else is living her life.
    sandrineeliseon August 01, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthis is def one of the best cds ive ever heard. every single song is awesome... she's funny, depressing, cynical, and almost romantic. ahh i love it!!
    strwberryf1dson August 29, 2002   Link
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    General Commentright on.. .yeah i love the whole album too. she is dope, I wish I WAS aimee mann, no just kidding...sort of. I just think that she is so cool and hip and sucessful. I wish I knew what she was like in real life.
    rainydayboyon March 11, 2003   Link
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    General CommentGod i just listen to this album over and over. its ironic because she says the album has a lot to do with ADDICTION....well, i think I'm ADDICTED to her album. seriously, no joke people, i really am. i am also quite depressed and often hate myself. this album soothes me and makes a lot of sense. i wonder though if this album makes me feel worse about myself or better? I'm really not sure actually....i think I would ask Amy what her intentions were if i got the chance.
    rainydayboyon March 14, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics posted for this song are mostly incorrect. I'll break down my interpretation verse by verse, with the corrected lyrics:

    Verse 1:
    Lost in Space a bubble drifting
    into a place where planets shift and
    the moon's erased
    it's features lift in the glare

    Verse 2:
    But I'm the stuff of happy endings
    though mostly bluff
    belief suspending but close enough
    for just pretending to care

    The protagonist is the bubble drifting in space. Like a bubble, the protagonist is hollow. She is aimlessly floating around in space (a metaphor for her desolate life), completely disconnected from the world around her. And the chorus makes it clear that she doesn't even care. The functioning part of her is "mostly bluff."

    verse 3:
    Well, she's the face and I'm the double
    who keeps the pace and clears the rubble
    and, lost in space, fills up the bubble with air

    The protagonist is still physically present, and yet she is completely removed--just floating through life. Her physical presence/self, the one that goes through the daily routine (while she is still mentally disconnected) is the "double who keeps the pace and clears the rubble." In other words, it's the (minimal) part of her that functions in society.

    You split like a cell
    and then cannot tell
    the line from the parallel

    The bridge highlights the previous image of a disconnected person. The protagonist is fragmented into two parts, her core self (which is disconnected, and apparently, extremely fucked up) and the part of herself that functions. The images of the split cell and parallel lines in the bridge are perfect in illustrating this fragmentation of the protagonist's personality, to the point where she (or perhaps those around her) can't tell which one is real.

    Anyway, that's my take on it.
    EnidCaulfieldon May 25, 2004   Link
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    General CommentYes Enid - she's so disconnected she can no longer distinguish her authentic self from her working facade. A great artist.
    Wilder2on April 16, 2008   Link

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